Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Mosaic Monday: Small Town Montpelier

Montpelier, Ohio, is a town in northwest Ohio where small towns rule. Though considered a rough and tumble railroad town in the past, it changed when railroads became less important to the transportation world. Like most towns in Williams County, Montpelier is going through some tough times, but there’s charm yet to be found.

The town has transformed three alleys into an oasis of shade, nostalgia, and quiet. Each alley has a theme, plantings, places to sit, and elements of surprise. If you find yourself in downtown Montpelier, take a walk down the alleys, sit at a bistro table, listen to a fountain drip cool water, and nibble on lunch.

I'm joining the throngs at Little Red House who post for Mosaic Monday.  My theme is all about Montpelier's alleys, but check out the other gorgeous mosaics, too. 

Hankering for a little more small town? Let John Mellencamp sing to you about Small Towns...


  1. Super lovely post..beautiful photos..so fun.....and of course great tune!!

  2. A little paint and some plants can really make magic, can't they? Thanks for sharing your lovely alleys at MM. :)

  3. What a wonderful way to transform an alley. I think it is marvelous. Shows pride in their town too.

  4. Times are hard for small towns everywhere, but it looks as though Montpelier has found a way to stay vital. Lovely photos!

  5. Teresa, I really enjoyed touring Montpelier's lovely alleys with you! Great photos. Pam

  6. We live in a small town too, which has seen depressed times since the 70's! Love what some have done with the alleyways! I am sure it lifts everyone's spirits - great artwork too!
    Hope you stop by, I am having two giveaways this month,

  7. Montpelier??
    Who'da thunk it...

  8. I've tried twice to post responses and "poof" they vanished into cyber air. Anyhow...thanks to everyone for stopping by and leaving a comment.

    Yeah, MJ...who'da thunk it! lol


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