Saturday, October 31, 2009

A Halloween Night

Red sky at night, a witch's delight
Curving Walk 2
The curved walk beside the covered bridge beckoned...

In the air not flying,
Nor on the earth walking,
Nor in a boat riding
Still cross without doubting
They will uphold you
If you say boldly:
Bridge be strong
From end to end
And let me pass
From land to land.*

Dark Outline
“From Witches and Wizards and long-tailedBuzzards,
And creeping things that run in the hedge-bottoms,
Good Lord, Deliver us!

—Celtic Litany

Goll Cemetery
Knit your fingers,
Hold your breath
Say to yourself
This verse for death:

Keeper of bones
I know thy face,
But I shall yet
Outstrip thy pace.*

Black Cat
From Ghoulies and Ghosties
And long leggity Beasties
And things that go bump in the Night
Good Lord, Deliver Us!”
—Celtic Litany

Dead flower
By the pricking of my thumbs
Something wicked this way comes.

—William Shakespeare, Macbeth

Bare Tree
Ancient tree
I offer thee
This mortal coin
Of gift and sign:
Guard my fate
Both soon and late,
And let my rust
Grow green at last.*

Jack O'Lantern

*The chants and charms come from Valerie Worth's little tome,
Crone's Book of Magical Words


  1. "Spooky" pictures. I can almost see the witches flying.

    Hope you had a nice Halloween!

  2. What a fun, spirited and imaginative post...lovely array of photos..awesome job!

  3. Noelle...I had a wonderful Halloween. Did you notice the witch getting ready to land in the woods in one photo? Some of the photos had little additions.

    Kiki..thanks. Halloween brings out the imagination and mystical moments.

  4. great sunset and pumpkin pics. always fun to visit.

  5. Wonderful post, the bridge and twisted tree are so very beautiful in b&w. Very enchanting. :) Rebecca


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