Sunday, October 25, 2009

Bad News

Instead of leaving readers in a lurch...I decided to let everyone know that my computer took a major hit last week. I'm currently writing this post on my brother's computer and this may be the last post until my machine is fixed or announced DOA. Finding someone to work on PC's that can do it in a timely manner is an achievement. Soooo.....adieu good fairies everywhere for now, but I hope to be back soon.
Arbor w Climatis
Meanwhile...think of me resting in an arbor surrounded by flowers, herbs, bird song, and nibbling on fresh strawberries and cream...



  1. Computer problems...UGH. I'm having a problem with my desktop right now, but I rarely use that one. Still, I've got software I use to update our church's website on there, so I need to get it fixed. I hope your problem gets fixed SOON! :-)

  2. By the way, is that photo from the park in Bryan? It looks like it to me! Romie and I had a picnic there one time while geocaching, just before we went to Goll Woods. I'd love to go back to Goll again.

  3. Hi Kylee,

    I'm back just in time for Halloween. Yes, the arbor is in Central Park in Bryan. It's such a charming little corner park. I love Goll Woods, too. No matter the season it has a story to tell.


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