Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Texture Tuesday

We have a new member of our family....he's so small and cuddly with curly black fur that looks like a wooly bear.  He's just two months old, but so full of life that we couldn't help but fall in love at first sight.  The little man named him Winston.
He cuddles Ellis, a red bulldog stuffed toy, follows Toadie, the tabby, knows that Miss Adventure will tap him on the nose if he gets too cheeky and is ok with Mr. Noodle ignoring his very existence.  He all ready adores his boy and he's a bundle of joy.

And when he grows up...
   he wants to fly on a skateboard. 

The top photo was converted to black with some tweaking and tones added.  A layer of Kim's happyheart texture gave it just the right touch. 


Update:  We had a bit of a scare this afternoon with our new puppy, Winston, but after a quick trip to visit the vet, he was given a few days of antibiotics and a clean bill of health.  Wheewwwwww...... 


  1. Excellent portrait of this beautiful dog.

  2. What a cutie! Glad he's fitting right in.

  3. Oh, he is gorgeous! Enjoy every cuddle of him!

  4. he is a sweetheart...don't you adore puppies that are this young. he will be right with you all along the way! i missed my baby's first months but she is still a BIG baby! ;)

  5. I can quite see why you fell in love with the little guy!
    He's a charmer!

    Buster sends his greetings!

  6. Oh Winston, You are so curly and sweet, who cares about Mr Noodles indifference!

  7. Love him! This post put a huge smile on my face!! xo


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