Friday, March 16, 2012

Has March been strange or what?  Here in sunny nw Ohio we're dabbling in 70 degree weather!  Most years we're longing for spring and watching for snowdrops and crocus...this year the world is all ready awake and turning green.

The trees are budding out.  Look closely...there's a riot of color in those catkins. No pastels or soft greens...
Orange, yellow, and... 
 bright reds cling to slender branches. 

Around the corner a cluster of buds nestle snug and safe within the arms of long thick leaves...
  hiding the sweet fragrance of hyacinths within tight buds. 

And then there's this...
The first daffodil blooming in the yard.  It's the first daffodil I've had blooming in a yard where I lived for quite some time and what a joy it is to see the lemon drop yellow trumpets heralding in spring.  

Daffodils were planted all around the house, so expect to see loads of daffy-down-dilly photos in the next few weeks.


  1. Our daffodils (also here in Ohio) just really opened up today, looking very much like yours. I enjoyed seeing your signs of spring!

  2. What a CRAZY winter it has been! Everything is blooming here too. Hate to say it BUT...I would LOVE more winters like this past one :)

  3. I must admit...I'm lovin' this early spring,but I'm waiting for the other shoe to drop and a late spring snow storm to hit. ACK!

  4. March really has been wonderful, weird. Yesterday, I weeded the garden for hours in the hot sun, and a few hours later the skies turned black and we had the most terrific thunderstorm I had seen in ages with flash floods rolling down our hills turning the creek into a river. Today, peaceful and sunny.

  5. Spring amazes me each year with its bounty of treasure ... and you have brought yours to us, each in our own home. Catkins are wonderful, aren't they!


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