Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Texture Tuesday & Gerbera Daisies

At $5.00 each Gerbera daisies are an expensive flower.  Just imagine a whole bouquet of gerbera daisies! But when inspiration comes at five dollars for two weeks, it's priceless. Flowers are one of my favorite subjects to photograph. To grow weary of the patterns, textures, and color is simply not a possibility in my world, so I snap photograph after photograph trying to capture that ephemeral beauty that flowers exude.   

The above photo was processed in Elements 10 with two layers of Kim Klassen's texture, Paper love. 

Macro reveals the minute details.  The perspective changes and instead of a flower I see lashes around a soulful brown eye that beguiles bees with a song of love. 

Another textured daisy softly peers up at French text created from a brush by French Kiss.  A bit of levels adjustment and red color filter joined two layers of Kim's Grunged Up 2 texture to achieve the ethereal look I wanted.

Now spent with drooping petals and a blind eye; the Gerbera daisies gave their all for me and my camera and I am grateful.  

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  1. I love gerbera daisies and they are expensive also here in Finland. Last autumn when I was in Amsterdam I almost loose my mind they cost there only 1 euro which is about 1,3 dollars. Beautiful pictures and processing.

  2. this..."lashes around a soulful brown eye that beguiles bees with a song of love."


    Great images. Great post!

  3. Lovely post. Gerbera daisy plants in a garden or contaners last for decades, worth the investment.

  4. Very nice photos, I love those flowers. These macros are a real beauty. Greetings.

  5. Your second photograph is almost like being in the centre of a religious ceremony. I think the vivid colour and the circular element possibly draw me to see it this way.

  6. Oh, these are so soft and wonderful, I love the texture that you selected too.

  7. What a lovely flower, such a soft color !
    Beautiful texture work !
    Thanks for your nice comment,

  8. They certainly are fabulous subjects! You should attempt growing them, I don't believe they are that difficult. Wonderful processing!


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