Monday, March 12, 2012

Pinterest Pickle

I'm in a Pinterest pickle.
 Creating boards with loves and passionate pursuits revealed my true style; something I thought I'd lost. Ideas for decorating, cooking/baking, DIY craft projects, and photography plus just plain ole inspiration were kept in an organized fashion and readily available.  It all sounds like a great idea, right?  *sigh*

Before joining Pinterest, I thought long and hard.  I was one of those people who thought Napster was ok, until I received the 'cease and desist' notice, which I promptly did.  I removed the program from my computer pronto and never went back again.

Back to Pinterest, a little voice nagged me about copyright issues and would I like it if someone stole my creative work? You'd think I would have learned my lesson and listened to the nagger, instead I skimmed through the legalese provided by Pinterest and told myself I'd do my best to give credit to the creator. I was sucked into the vacuum vortex of Pinterest blinded by the beauty on my boards, soon I was pinning images even though I couldn't find the original source.  I do want to add, I tried.  I'd spend way too much time tracking down the source of images, which is nearly impossible if the image came from tumblr.
Then one day while retracing the steps of one image and finding the source, a blogger and photographer, I discovered that not every one is honored by having their images pinned.  Yep, some creative souls view pinning as pilfering their creative property. The guilt set in, I respected her wishes and did not pin that image, but began to ponder Pinterest. (I"ve tried to find that blogger so I could link, with permission, to her blog, but I've yet to find it again)  

Next came Caroline's heads up on her blog, Constantly Evolving that directed readers to this blog by a lawyer, photographer, and Pinterest lover.  Now I'm worried and considering following suit and deleting my boards and account.  Other bloggers and photographers are considering taking the step, too.  I'll be honest...I don't want to delete my boards.  I want to keep on pinning.  So I'm searching for ideas and ways to create boards with the images of bloggers and photographers who don't mind being pinned and in fact want to do the same.  Anyone out there interested in forming a circle of  pinners with a conscience?

It pains me, but I'm going through my Pinterest boards, removing all images that I was not given permission to pin, but keeping those who allow pinning.  I want to play by the rules and I really don't want to find myself embroiled in a lawsuit.

*There's a tongue-in-cheek Pinterest update on DDKP Portraits blog that will not only make you smile, but give a bit more insight into pinning on Pinterest.

Oh,'re welcome to pin images from my blog as long as you give me credit.  

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  1. I understand your Pinterest Pickled state of mind!

    Personally, I feel that as long as one links to the original content ...and yes, I admit I don't always do it!... you shouldn't feel guilty. The nature of the web is that if you publish images online? They are out of your control. If you can't deal with that? Don't put it out here. Yah. Harsh. I know.

    But I get weary of people screaming at the top of their lungs about Copyright Copyright Copyright. Cuz I've seen the other side. Which is the very same folks that get huffy about misappropriation quite happily steal other artists ideas/techniques use'em as their own and don't credit.

    The irony that it is the folks that wanted to use Pinterest to promote their own work who are screeching the loudest is not lost on me.

    Poor pinterest creators.
    Trying to make something that is above commerce.
    A service for visual collectors.

    ... oops. I kinda went off on a rant.
    mea culpa!


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