Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Texture Tuesday On a Spring Day

Hello my friends and welcome spring.  I'm a bit late in welcoming the gentlest season of the year, but better late than never as the saying goes. Last week was a stunner with temperatures in the 80s and glorious pink sunrises...
Yes, the sky was streaked with clouds as the sun cast a pink glow over my corner of the world.  I lived along this country road for over 20 years and passed this barn every time I headed west.  I don't know who lives there now, but I'm calling this the Boynton Barn in remembrance of the elderly couple that kept this farm in perfect order.  Here's another view of the sunrise.

 All of nature seemed to be on warp speed last week. Flowers bloomed, trees blossomed, and leaves burst green nearly overnight.

A pretty little farm cat that lives down the road sat in the evening sunshine peering at me while I photographed the magnolia tree in the yard, her spring green eyes echoing the color of the grass. 
And oh the magnolia....
stretching its twiggy arms to the sky praising spring and all the possibilities.

Per my usual Tuesday I'm linking up with Kim Klassen's Texture Tuesday.  This weeks theme is all about pink and at least one of Kim's textures.

The top photo, Boynton's Barn: A layer of Kim's texture shine, a texture from French Kiss, and some fiddling with levels.

The second photo of the sunrise is pretty much SOOC except for cropping,  minor levels and hue/saturation adjustments.

I'm quite sure the blossoming tree in the side yard is a dogwood.  The dogwood photo processing began with a new layer set to soft light, opacity 67%.  Next came levels and hue/saturation adjustments.  A layer of Kim's texture, be still with a layer mask to remove the texture from the blossom followed by a layer of another KK texture called embrace finished the photo. 

The next photo I call cat eyes was simply processed with a few adjustments of levels, contrast/brightness, hue/saturation and of course, cropping.

The final photo looking up at the blooming magnolia was processed to create a soft spring aura.
After desaturating the photo, I used a Coffee Shop action: soft and dreamy and added two layers of Kim's embrace texture at 66% opacity and 100% opacity.  One layer of distressed jewell's texture 3 was added at 42% opacity. Finally, the text was added and there you have it.

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  1. Beautifully textured images, I especially love the first one.

  2. Pink is my favourite color and I'm so excited to study all these wonderful pink pictures :) Your shots are truly beautiful ♥ The first one is my fav!!!

  3. A beautiful post and the images are lovely :)

  4. Wonderful photos, great light and color, I like them all, certainly not which to choose as my favorite.

  5. Absolutely beautiful. The barn photo is just stunning!!

  6. Beautiful, that sunrise is so beautiful. You are blessed to live in such peaceful surroundings.

  7. Teresa, I love your pinks and textures. My fav is the flowered tree.

  8. soooo lovely! you captures are great and how I love magnolias!

  9. It is beautiful your pink edition. I love it.

    Lydia ♥♥♥

  10. Great barn, Teresa! And that sunrise? Almost looks fake doesn't it? Mother Nature truly astounds. Gorgeous work!

  11. That barn is a stunner! Great capture -- and I believe the bloom you photographed is a magnolia? Lovely. :)

  12. Just lovely, and that sunset! to die for x

  13. Thanks for all the sweet comments I so appreciate each one.

    Hi Nancy...the pink flowering tree is a magnolia and the white with the red tipped petals and spring green center is dogwood. Thanks for stopping by!

  14. Ohmigosh, that sunset is gorgeous! I love all the shades of pink. :)

  15. That is spring pure! Vry good.

  16. geez-somehow i lost my whole stupid comment and have to start all over. i cannot figure out why that's happening on blogger lately.

    i wanted to say how much i love the two top photos. the color is just amazing in them. i love pink but not too over the top pink, just the right pink and you've got it here. i also love those flowers whether dogwood or otherwise and if you have them blooming now, wow! btw this is the post i saw this morning on my reader and wanted to comment on. now i see another i need to say a word or three. so just love these photos-your work is expanding by leaps! and that quote on the dogwood is wonderful! xoxoxo


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