Thursday, March 29, 2012

Yikes it's been busy!  Spring break, knee deep in puppy training, getting ready for guests this weekend, spring cleaning inside and out, and in a month my son will be visiting and I cannot wait to see him and his girlfriend.  Through all life's chaos coming to the blogosphere is a respite from the long To Do List. isn't that bad...honestly it isn't...  *sigh*

 We all needed a break so we went to the park

Have a wonderful spring day!


  1. So much to do, so little time :) And then the nice weather makes it even more so because it beckons us outdoors and away from our "to do" lists. But that is a GOOD thing :) Enjoy!

  2. i love the many many references to puppy's toilet training and can SOOOOO relate! but this one here has quite a mess when she doesn't remember where to do it. wow.....makes me extra diligent! ;)

  3. Loved the list! And the photograph is a breath of spring air!

  4. That's a long to do list but it looks like you're in for a fun weekend. Just think how much exercise you'll be getting thanks to your new four-legged trainer! Now, is that a computer font or did YOU actually print the list? You print beautifully.


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