Thursday, June 28, 2012

Rural Thursday: Queen Anne's Lace

Is there anything more rural than a ditch filled  with those happy wanderers from gardens of long ago and nature's favorites?  Yes, nature loves teasels and thistles and dandelions and golden rod.  Afterall, didn't she make them so hardy they we need not tend them like the fragile ballerinas that wave on slender stems in the garden? And of these strays Queen Anne's lace is the most lovely.

 I'm sharing on Rural Thursday today.  Take a walk down a country lane, turn left and there you are...


  1. That last shot is gorgeous...and yes, I adore Queen Anne's Lace!

  2. Excellent photos!
    Yes, she is a beauty, wonderful to photograph and to see...
    and she has a regal name, very apt.

  3. Some weeds are such beautiful bloomers....nice pics

  4. Great pictures Theresa! Queen's Anne Lace has got to be the prettiest of mid-summer native flowers. I wish someone could create a hybrid that was not invasive. Then I would be a happy gardener.

  5. Thanks to each of you for leaving a bit of yourselves behind. I so enjoy reading each comment.

  6. Beautiful captures of this summertime plant!

    Thank you for sharing at Rural Thursdays this week. xoxo


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