Friday, June 29, 2012

Grungy, Grumpy Grouchy Post it is.  I'm not linking with anyone, not joining any challenges, in fact, I'm not even sure where this solitary post will lead me, but just for sh--s and giggles I'm free thinking with my fingers.  Aww heck let's throw a photo in here....

Color rocks my world.  While I like the soft sheer looks so popular right now, I always come back to color.  That's one of the joys of summer...color.  It's everywhere you look in nature, whether contrived or au naturel. Unfortunately beige has taken over green grass as the drought continues with temperatures in the high 90s today.  Yuck! Have I ever mentioned...I really don't like hot. 

I do like hot colors in the summer like bright marigold yellow and ditch lily orange. The vegetable garden includes companion plants like marigolds.  When I took aim I didn't see the little spider clinging to a petal; he blends in so well.  Once on the computer there he was on a search and devour mission. I hope he scarfed up a bunch of aphids.

I'm in a mood today...ya know?  One of those crabby-but-I-don't-know why moods. 
The pink zinnia with bokeh in the background should make me smile, but I'm not satisfied with it and not liking the glow around the petals.  That's what I get for highlighting edges. 

Let's try one more of the same flower...
Hmmm.... the little zinnia just isn't doing it for me, but then perhaps nothing will...

Here's a tidbit about moi.  People who have seen my writing/printing think I'm left-handed because I write with a slight lean to the left, kinda like the font above.  I use this font because it's the closest I've found to my own handwriting.  Oh and I only write cursive when I sign my name, the rest of the time I print with a slight lean to the left mixed with straight up and down.  Fonts rule!

Doncha love a post that has no rhyme or reason?  Well...That's it for today.  Have a wonderful weekend and for those of you in the grip of a heat wave....stay cool!


  1. You may be grungy, grumpy, and grouchy...
    but you made me smile :)
    The photos are lovely...especially the first with all those colors!
    Thanks for the Shel Silverstein poem.
    I love your handwriting/font; very modern.

    1. I'm so glad I made you smile. Gotta love Shel Silverstein. I'm a sucker for fonts and spend way too much seeking just the right font. Have a grand day Deb!

  2. Well, I for one think your flower photos are lovely -- sorry about the mood, but we all have those days. I usually blame it on hormones, or lack of them. :) Have a great weekend.

    1. Oh those darn hormones. I'm wondering if my bad mood is the lack of rain. It's sure hard to make those plants flower and bear vegies without a good rain every once in awhile. You have a great weekend, too, Nancy.

  3. Pretty photos!

    I'm not a fan of the heat (and especially the humidity) either, so I understand.



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