Monday, December 19, 2011

More Texturizing

I'm collecting each of Kim Klassen's textures, but I've not had time to put them into action so I'm behind.  Here's a couple photos I with a couple of her textures.
The first one, Snow Globe, has been textured with first storm and then more magic scratches.
snow globe

The second photo has a layer of storm also and then a layer of wonderful magic scripted, another charming texture created by Kim Klassen. 

I hope each of you are making merry as the holidays approach on a fast sleigh of time. 


  1. Oh, very very merry!

    I love these images, the effect creates a nostalgic look for me - the warmth of the holidays with a layer of history and love.

    Hope you are making merry as well!

  2. This is just beautiful with the texture on the snowglobe photo. Pretty, pretty, pretty! Happy holidays to you.


  3. These are just so lovely. Love the words on the bottom photo! I adore Kim's textures!


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