Monday, September 19, 2011

Of Rain & Dreams

It’s raining here this morning.  A gray September day when lighting a candle is a must to inspire cheerful dreaming.  And I am dreaming… I’m dreaming of gardens to come.  Since the move we’ve spent most of our time concentrating on the inside with unpacking, painting, sewing curtains, organizing, creating personal pockets of home.  A thank you and welcome to our new home party is in the planning stages, but I’m ready to take serious action under the ever-changing canopy of sunshine, clouds, and rain. Let me share with you places that need attention and my dreams for each area.

The entry way to our home is very simple, just a door painted a creamy white flanked by two boxwoods that I love.  Yes, I am a big fan of boxwood shrubs.  Beyond the boxwood are beds and yews.  I am not a fan of yew, but for now the shrubs will remain.  Unfortunately, the beds are full of weeds including a healthy growth of poison ivy.  I do not like to use chemical weed killer, but dealing with poison ivy requires a hands-off technique.  A cottage garden with a mixture of perennials, bulbs, and annuals would soften the line where house meets earth.  There's a slip of grass between the bed and the sidwalk that I'd like to turn into bed.  Imagining the walk edged in lavender and pretty bedding plants makes me smile.
  Around the corner a hill adds angst to my mowing life.  As  I mow, I lean hard in the opposite direction in anticipation of the mower tipping over.  
"Why not turn that nuisance hill into terrace garden?" suggested my former sister-in-law and friend. I've never done a terraced garden, but I think it's time to give it a go. 
 Cottonwood, pine trees, and a beautiful redbud  create a shady back yard. The plan is  to open up the backyard a bit by trimming trees. There's plenty of room for shady plants like hosta, heucheras, hellebores, and oh how I'd love a hydrangea or three.
 Just beyond the fenced in part  of the yard lies a square raised bed with a tree in the center.  A dozen birdfeeders hung from the little tree and below a snarling quagmire of weeds. I envision a sweet little bed of shade plants surrounding a birdbath or one charming feeder on a post. 

The house sits on a double lot and on the other side of the garage is plenty of open area for a vegetable garden, a strawberry patch, and a row of rhubarb.  As I stare out the window I dream of having gardens filled with flowers again and I can barely breathe from the thought.     


  1. What an outstandingly lovely place to live.
    Yes, you possibilities are endless. I live in the city so envy you in the nicest way.

    I read your post about Kim Klassen below and love her textures.
    I use a mac and do not know photo shop.
    Would I have to learn it?
    All best wishes

  2. It sounds like you are making some great plans and changes. It always takes time to settle into a place and make it your own.
    Looks like a charming place you have moved into.

  3. Oh, such a lovely place to live. Beautiful photos :)

  4. Ohh oh oh!! ADORE YOUR NEW DIGS!!
    You live in a beautiful part of our world too.
    Of course you can PIN!!!


  5. ps
    Dear Theresa,
    PLEASE take photos of the before's and afters!! I wanna see!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. Your place has such potential. Just jump in with both feet on that terrace project. Should be very rewarding. I did a recent posting on boxwoods you might enjoy.

  7. Thank you for sharing your new home and garden dreams. It will look wonderful, and in it will be your nurturing. It is like and empty canvas waiting for the artist's touch. The garden will be grateful, too, when it blooms in glorious colour!

    I am back commenting briefly before I go to England. I will be back mid October, but have left posts of Ireland for when I am away ... if you have time to look at them.

  8. May your garden dreaming become a reality. That's where gardens are first planted, in our imagination. I am a fan of boxwood too, it makes me think of old English gardens. I planted 4 tiny ones last year. I LIKE your red cottage!


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