Wednesday, June 2, 2010

It's a Beautiful Thing

Over the weekend we planted a very small garden…and it was beautiful. The process began earlier last week when two of my brothers came to work up the grass and get it ready for planting. With a rototiller, peat moss, and shredded mulch, the two guys worked in the hot sun with sweat dripping off their faces. After two days, they presented us with a gift of a garden ready for planting in a few days.

One morning was spent gathering seeds and plants from a greenhouse and a big box store. Then, as the hot sun waned on Sunday evening, we planted tomatoes and a companion plant to keep them company, marigolds.

On Monday morning, out we went to the early morning cool, pulled the hoe creating a ditch, and tucked in green bean seeds. Next, a hill of jack o’lanterns for the little guy took up residence next to a row of mammoth sunflower seeds ready to sprout and grow. Close by another row of ornamental sunflowers, low-growing and colorful sleep beneath soil anxious to awaken. Two hills of summer squash, a family favorite, took center stage. A container of fennel to attract butterflies and two clay pots filled with nasturtiums stand guard around the garden.

On the back patio, another pot of short stocky, shaggy yellow sunflowers were planted. Rosemary is happy and content outside gracing the corner, close enough so I can pamper her when needed. And because in my world, a garden without herbs lacks an essential ingredient, I planted pots of parsley and dill with thyme, oregano, and lavender to follow soon.

It’s been over ten years since I last planted a garden of any kind. Oh, I’ve had pots and container grown plants, but it’s not the same. There is something about seeing those rows of sprouts breaking the earth, peeking at the world, and reaching for the heavens. A smile of satisfaction when a row is hoed and free from weeds reveals gardening pride. Picking, savoring, and putting up cans of freshly picked green beans or tomatoes offers a sense of security. Yes, to have a garden is indeed a beautiful thing.
Thank you B & P!!! 


  1. OOH! what it would be to have brothers, and more to the point brothers who come out and do a lovely garden ready to plant. I hope your garden grows well.

  2. Oh so fun, you are going to love having a veggie garden! We've already eaten radishes and lettuce from ours!

  3. Lancashire Rose...I have three brothers and at times they've tried the patience of me and my sisters, as brothers do, but they're always there when I need them. I feel blessed to have all three in my life.

    Robin...I can't wait until those seed pop out of the ground. I know it's not been long enough, but every day I go out and look even though it's not even been a week.

    Christina...It is indeed a glorious gift! Thank you for stopping by.

  4. So thrilling!
    I love gardening but live in the middle of the city
    so don't get much chance.
    Lucky you!


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