Thursday, December 10, 2009

These Things I Love...

In the spirit of Rupert Brooke’s poem, The Great Lover, where he lists “These things I have loved…” and from the inspiration of Christina’s gentle lists on Soul Aperture, I offer these things I love…

Cold, blustery days with snow skittering into patterns

Big snowflakes that pile on the ground just waiting for a metamorphosis

The smell of gingerbread men baking in the oven
Copy of Gingerbread Cutouts 2
The tinkling sound my grandson’s laughter makes as he slumbers

The pink cashmere scarf I saw in Boston and still yearn for

Twinkling lights on a Christmas tree

A violin rising and falling in a lilting phrase

Rapid-fire wit from a dear friend

Frost-etched lace on the window
Frost on the Window 3
Expressive fingers that create, soothe, and dance

A lavender sky that melts into violet twilight

Hot tea in my favorite Christmas mug
A cup of Christmas Tea
A pyramid of wood glowing in a brick fireplace

A merry turn across the living room

Dreaming of you

What things do you love today?


  1. I adore your list! You have included, such beautiful photos too!
    I am enjoying the sound, of the heater kicking in. I am so grateful for warmth, in our home.
    Oh sweetie, you just made my day, with this post.

  2. Ohhh..thank you for coming for a visit, Christina. And I'm sure glad I have a warm home, too. The temperature this morning is in the low teens with a whistling wind.

  3. Oh what an inspiring list, Teresa! I love your turn of phrases with rapid fire wit and tinkling grand's slumbering sounds, there are few things as delightful as a violin well played. One thing that comes to mind at the moment is the anticipation of the family coming to celebrate the holidays. It sets my mind humming with planning, something I love to do. :-)

  4. That gingerbread looks so wonderful, I do have a great recipe......

  5. Hi Frances,

    I too love the planning and coming together with family during the holidays. Isn't it a wonderful time?

    My gingerbread men recipe has been passed down from generation to generation. I'm posting the recipe in a few days. Saturday is earmarked as gingerbread day with the little one, which means Fuji moments to share.

    Thank you for your kind comments.

  6. At this time of year, I love when the mailman arrives with cards and letters from friends and family, many overseas. I love sitting by the fire and catching up with their news.

    Your post made me stop and think about the blessings of the season. Thank you. Pamela


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