Tuesday, September 4, 2012

The Flowers of September

The calendar may say September, but it's still summer in the garden. The zinnias are blooming in bright and pale pinks with a few whites and oranges in the mix. A bouquet of flowers that includes Queen Anne's Lace adds just the right touch of sweet feminine.

Orange is a loud color that seems to scream look at me, but oh how I love orange in the fall.  Until the frost is on the pumpkin, making due with an orange zinnia works. 

Then there's the whisper of white zinnias.

A small rose blooms along side the garage. It was nearly choked out of existence last year by an overly vivacious trumpet vine, but its hearty nature won out.  It was still blooming in late November.  This summer it weathered the drought and is in a full flush of tiny blooms with a blush of color before opening.

I love photographing flowers using the macro setting.  The little rose above is only an inch or two across at the most; the buds even smaller.  Through the wonder of technology we can capture every detail from the secret center to the blemishes on the outside petal.

And sometimes it's a different perspective that creates a delightful surprise.  I totally ignored the law of thirds in every one of these photos and I don't care. 

Break rules, have fun, and capture all that makes you smile, dance, sing, and sometimes weep. 


  1. I do love those long lasting, trustworthy and tidy zinnias. I planted zinnia seeds in early August, leftovers. Now, they are nearly all that is left blooming, bless their little hearts!

    1. Zinnias were one of my mother's favorite flowers. They grew in the garden every summer for as long as I can remember. I planted zinnia seeds in May and I've been enjoying them for a couple months now. I just keep cutting for bouquets and dead-heading and they keep blooming. Have a wonderful day, Jeri.

  2. Wow! I to love zinnias,all'do I have not grown any for the last two years.I must grow some next year


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