Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Blog Design & Focus

Greetings!  Long time no see!  Well I've been visiting once in a while and leaving comments here and there, but I admit I've been neglecting the blog world.  I'm in the state of wishy-washy can't decide which way to go.  I've made umpteen headers for The Cottage unsatisfied with any of them.  Here's a sample:
 I want a new look, but finding that perfect blend of imaginative graphics that convey the message I want is proving to be something of a conundrum.

So what I do I want The Cottage on the Corner to be?  I've thought long and hard about that as I turn the corner toward something new.  The Cottage started out as a garden blog, but morphed into being more about photography as I discovered the joy taking photos brings me. And by the way, this is not my first blog.  I had a couple blogs on Wordpress before moving to Blogger.  I've had blogs about writing, a couple blogs under pseudonyms, and personal blogs. I've blogged with another person and created a blog for a business. 

Learning design and how to create unique blogs has been fun and frustrating, but the bottom line is I really enjoy it. BUT...I can't seem to come up with a cohesive idea for The Cottage on the Corner, which is why it's taking me so long.  I wonder...could it be because The Cottage on the Corner lacks focus?  Is it time to close the doors and head in a new direction all together?

I'd love to hear your thoughts on blogging and honest opinions about the headers up there.  

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