Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Texture Tuesday Soft

Spring is the softest season of the year in my very humble opinion.  Yes, it can be harsh but in between the rolling thunder and nest-chasing winds the flowering of the earth begins until the whole world dons a gown of many colors. Fully expecting to find soft in a flower or a newborn creature, I surprised myself and found it in an unexpected place.  

I took my camera in search of soft and there it was just across the road gently babbling on its journey and I pondered where it rambles to. After shooting a few shots of the green hill that leads down to Beaver Creek, I began to wonder about the sites I'd see if I walked the spongy edges of the little creek following its path.

Beginning just a few yards from where I sit, we'd ramble through farmland and towns until the Tiffin River swallows up the creek on it's way to the Maumee River.  With each step, little Beaver creek becomes part of a larger body of water.  The Maumee runs into Lake Erie, one of the Great Lakes, which eventually spills into Niagara and tumbles over the falls with a mighty splash.  Continuing eastward, Lake Ontario is the next destination.  Lake Ontario wends its way to the St. Lawrence seaway and after meandering through miles and miles of northern terrain journey's end comes at the eastern shore.

I find it soothing that this wee bit of water streaming so nearby will find its way to that place I love, the Atlantic coast and who knows...just maybe a glimpse of Cape Cod as ebb and flow carries creek waters out to sea.   

What does all this have to do with soft?  The stream runs softly on its way, in no great hurry, but taking its time unknowing that it will reach its destination and become part of a mighty and beautiful ocean.  Isn't that life at its essence?  If we travel the path, soft and gentle, taking time to chase dreams, stop and hear the song of a creek, and ponder beauty, complex and simple, the journey becomes something larger...it becomes a whole life.   

The photo was processed in Elements 10 using two layers of Kim's texture: paper love.  The first layer set at 50% opacity and the second texture layer set at 100% opacity.  The multiply mode was applied to both layers creating a soft, but with vibrant color photo. .  

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  1. Hello Teresa O!
    Beautiful and gentile post. I must take notes and learn from the soft ways of your pretty running stream. Nature holds ALL of the secrets, don't you think?
    Happy Spring to you and yours!


  2. I love your scene - we have several vistas with a similar look, tho' just dumping into a pond and not another flowing body of water! It looks like the kind of day we are having over here in North Texas!

  3. your picture is lovely! I want to pull out a blanket and sit a while and enjoy that view. Nicely done!


  4. Lovely post Teresa!
    We too have one of those burbling streams close by and though I would never have considered it "soft"? I will now! :)

  5. Lovely image and post - with the words added, it would make a great greeting card! Thanks for the visit.


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