Friday, April 6, 2012

Looking Spring Up & Down

Once while on a walk my father-in-law, a rugged farmer and nature lover, he commented that he always looked up when walking in the woods while my mother-in-law always searched the ground for flowers. He looked up toward tree tops that held a mysterious beauty all their own.  He continued saying the woods was his sanctuary and it was here he found God, not within the four walls of a church. When I walk out my door these days I look up to find spring dressed in wedding white and....     

Even the small clusters clinging to heavily barked branches glow with pretty. 

The dogwood tree in the yard was a complete surprise.  Years ago I tried several times to grow dogwood trees, one pink and the other white.  Both trees died within the year and I never tried again.  When you stand beneath a dogwood and look up you can see layers of branches with the blood-tipped blossoms clinging tightly. 
Although I've been looking up quite a lot lately, it's a good idea to look down once in awhile and watch where you're stepping.

One more before I leave you...with all the serious business of living it's grand to have a reasons to smile so I must share this silly photo with you


  1. The ultimate in beauty! Gorgeous captures. and the dog is just wonderful. I leave your post with joy in my heart.

  2. Teresa the photos are beautiful. Your world is so full of color. Is the pink a red bud tree?

  3. Stunning photos and I love that you have interspersed the post with great quotes. I too am wondering about the pink beauty. Have a Happy Easter.

  4. The bright pink tree is a Redbud (Cersis candadensis) It's a beautiful tree that blooms in the spring in eastern United States and Canada. It's the state tree of Oklahoma. I'm fortunate to have a mature redbud tree in the back yard. It has a sprawling nature which makes it a good tree for smaller kids to climb.

  5. dear teresa, these are all so beautiful, i wish we had some planted here.... i am tired of the green green green everywhere! xoxoxo

  6. LOVE the dog photo... it put a HUGE smile on my face!! xo


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