Tuesday, February 28, 2012

The White Post

Today is Texture Tuesday with Kim Klassen.  Focus on white and use at least one of her textures on the photo. Easy, peasy...except I couldn't get the look I wanted.  ACK!  What to do, but keeping trying.

A lovely set of white English ironstone was found at a second hand shop for a mere $7.00 a few years ago and what a buy that was.  I love using them for photography, displaying them, and setting the table with them.

I've been experimenting with actions in Elements 10.  The Coffee Shop Blog has wonderful free actions and presets along with tutorials, so I thought why not give it a whirl.  I used Kim's shine texture over the Coffee Shop action, Faded Day Dreams. After messing about with actions for a couple days, I've discovered that they're a short-cut for a quick artistic touch, but I prefer creating my own look through trial and error when I have the time.  

 There's nothing more simple than white cotton towels with a stripe of blue, unless it's old feed sacks.  The wasband's mother used printed feed sacks as absorbent dish towels. Did you know that some grain and feed sacks came in delightful prints and patterns with flowers in a multitude of colors.

I used the #2 texture from Kim Klassen's Ben's Collection on this photo, shifted the opacity to 83% after fussing with hue/saturation, levels, and adding a layer in soft light mode.   

There's those daisies again showing up in a pitcher.  I don't believe the sweet white petals encircling a yellow/green disc are daisies at all.  Single chrysanthemums are what they are, but let's keep it a secret.  Daisy sounds so much happier than mums.

A Pitcher of Daisies photo has the least processing.  Just a punch with a layer in soft light mode and a levels adjustment.  No textures and no actions.

Whatever they are, like all flowers finding the light keeps petals glowing. 
This photo has Kim's embrace and shine textures along with a bit of levels adjustments.

Thanks to Kim for her dream-child, Texture Tuesdays and sharing her creative talents with the world.  Enjoy more textured white photos by clicking on....


While you're at it you might as well satisfy your curiosity about actions and presets at....


  1. I REALLY like the angle on that last photo!

  2. what treats of white! they all made me smile! i haven't experimented with actions because, honestly, i haven't learned how to use them. i need to take some time to figure it out. they seem to be the "thing" to use these days.

  3. I totally love your wonderful photos that make me think it is about time I learned photoshop!
    I long to use Kim Klassen's textures.
    You are so right about how lovely white is as a setting for anything.....
    our whole interior is white
    all best wishes from New York

  4. Beautiful, gorgeous shots. I specially love white cotton towel version just because I like so much of those towels.

  5. I have to agree with you ... white is NOT easy! lol
    You did an awesome job however. I'm particularly partial to the first piece. Something about the yellow center being the only "colour". It just really pops!

    re: Actions ... the good one's really REALLY rock. I found a pencil one the other day that makes me weak-kneed (here if you're so inclined).

  6. Love that first shot !!!

    aenee/Lily over from Kim's

  7. These are all beautiful. I love daisy's, pitchers, coffee cups . . .

  8. These are lovely! Each and every single one of them. I adore daisies, and this really captured the essence of the prompt. Amazing job!

  9. Just beautiful, every one of them! I would give anything to have some of those grain or feed sacks to dry my dishes off with but they are so darn expensive anymore. I wish I would have started collecting them years ago before they became so popular. Now there's just no way simple folks can get their hands on them. Yours look so soft and just lovely.

  10. Oh on the grain sacks, I'm talking about the ones that start at around $65 and up, I just couldn't justify paying that much :O)

  11. All beautiful, but my favorite was the grain sacks & daisy combination because it was simultaneously moody, unique, and simple.

  12. I love all of your whites, but there is something about white daisies that always captures my heart. Your photography and textures are gorgeous.


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