Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Texture Tuesday: Sweet Simplicity

There's a sweetness about simplicity,whether it's a photo, a cookie recipe, the song of a robin, or a project.

It's been a couple weeks since I participated in any photo challenges and my but it feels good to join Kim Klassen's Texture Tuesday.  The one criteria for this weeks photo challenge:  use at least one layer of Kim's texture, simplicity.  So here's my one layer-textured photo.

Yesterday I tried a new cookie recipe, Chewy Chocolate Chip and Oatmeal-Raisin Cookies. Oh man...they're a bit healthier, simple to make, but full of flavor.  Check them out on the Delish website

One morning last week I thought I heard a robin singing.  I looked out the window to find robins perched in trees, hopping on the ground, and singing to their heart's content as if it was a spring day in May.  I opened the door and listened to the sweet, simple melodies that I adore.  Surely, I thought, these red-breasted fliers must be on their way to a warmer  place.  Yesterday, I glanced out the window and the berries still clinging to the shrubs across the street were being devoured by robins. 
No, no it's too soon...fly to the south and be warm.

  The little cookie bags make sweet, inexpensive party favors or gifts. 
 I cut out wax paper and folded it over leaving extra at the top.  A quick sew up on each side created the bag. Hearts were cut from copies of my mother's handwritten recipes or red paper and then glued to the flap. I added a baker's twine bow.  Use double sided tape to hold the flap down and there you have it...a simple bag for a cookie treat. 

There's more layers of texture and beauty at....


Have a wonderful day!


  1. Yummy Photo, great use of texture!

  2. Those cookies look delish & I love the packaging ♥

  3. Sweet Simplicity - I love it!

  4. Oh lovely...I love using twine, makes for great photos. And those cookies look really yummy too!!

  5. Your cookies look delicious! I'm glad I'm out of grabbing distance :)


  6. ... a very inviting and nostalgic looking photo. Nicely done !


  7. Great image and use of texture. I just love that bag...I am definitely going to copy your bag, hope you don't mind, I just love it...running upstairs to make some up right now, I love to bake and what a cute, cute package.

  8. Michelle...I don't mind at all. Have fun!

  9. Lovely use of Kim's texture. (The cookies look great, too -yummy!)

  10. I can't believe the robins! We never see robins in January. I wonder what it means?

  11. oh oh oh...every once in awhile you do this to me....post your luscious photos of equally luscious baked full of gluten goodies....how delish does that look and so cute all wrapped up in that adorable little sack. xoxoxox

    ps-did you receive an invite to my blog i am "trying" to make private? it would be sent from blogger. it's been a struggle and still don't know if i did it but did want to know if my friends got their little notes. xxx


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