Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Day 3: Of Inspiration & Red Berries

Inspiration is all around, often in the most obscure places and things.  The red berries that I see outside my window have been a source of inspiration and beauty through fall and still they cling to the branch as winter fast approaches.  It's the color red, like a shiny object, that draws me in. 
You inspire my soul to sing

This is day three of Kim Klassen's 12 Days of Textures.  I used two of the textures for today's photo.  The first, Lily, was multiplied on to the photo and faded a tad.  The  new texture for today, Cosmos, was overlayed on top and faded to 42%.  Do you see that light in the distance?  That's the light coming from creative souls you can find at .....



  1. So pretty! And I love how you've combined textures! :)

  2. OOOOOOH....I need to go check out the new texture! I love what YOU did with it tho :)


  3. I know what you mean about those red berries, especially when the landscape is so bare or after a snowfall. They are beautiful, aren't they?

    And this texture class sounds so interesting! I'm going to look it up in a moment.

  4. the red against this lusciousness is exquisite, teresa. your whole blog is becoming so beautiful with your photography and the wizardry found in these new programs now. i don't know a thing about them so cannot even name them...well, know the name photoshop and that's about it. ;)

    thank you for your kind comment on my sweet pooch too...xoxoxo

  5. Gorgeous! love the way the text follows the shape of the berries and the texture work is beautiful

  6. wonderful brightness of the berries in the winter scene!

  7. They look so succulent, luscious and certainly draw one in.
    The textures are working well.

  8. I've missed our dialogues but it's good to back to see such a beautiful textural image. Would make a beautiful card, don't you think?


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