Friday, December 16, 2011

Day 3 & 4: Ribbons & Bows

There's just so much to do: gifts to wrap, cards to finish (yes, I'm late), gingerbread men to create, and more baking.  With all this busy, I missed yesterday's 12 Days of Textures, but I'm using the two textures Kim offered on today's photos.  I'm all about ribbons and bows.  I've said it before: I love ribbons of all colors and kinds. One can never have too many ribbons. 

With every Christmas card I write
This photo was layered with Look-Up first, followed by Edward, yesterday's texture.

With Love

I cross-processed With Love and then added today's texture gift: Zuzu.  Kim does an amazing job creating these lovelies that adds to the story of each photo with depth and pattern.  I'm so lovin' this 12 days of textures that I've challenged myself to complete.  Wanna see more texture love?  Click below...


I hope you find time to savor the moments leading up to Christmas with a cup of tea, a hint of serenity, and a heaping helping of love. 

Now a Rant and a Plea

For the last couple weeks I've been having problems viewing the blogs of others.  Some of the images come through, but then others do not.  I have no idea why I'm having this problem.  It's frustrating to no end.  I've researched the problem, followed the instructions all for naught...nothing changed.  Anyone have any ideas why there are red X's in the corners where images should appear?  Any solutions? 

Also, I'm having problems commenting on some blogs.  For some reason, I keep getting sent back to change my Google ID.  After re-typing the information all ready there, I'm sent back again. I can't give different information because there's only the one.   Any suggestions or ideas would be so appreciated.


  1. I love your texture work, but alas I have no solution to the technical challenges you cited. I have them occasionally, too! I know what you mean about thos red X's. Reminds me of the kind of stuff I used to get when an e mail didn't go through --- PERMANENT FATAL ERROR. Yikes. Are the techno police about to show up on my doorstep? 8-)

  2. Maybe try this! :)

  3. Mary Ann...I've been at a loss as to what to do, but I think help may have arrived.

    Carrie...I'm on way to check it out. Thanks, sweet pea!

  4. I love the simplicity of this photo and the interest that texture brings to it. Just lovely.


  5. So lovely. Makes me want to get out my nice stationary and write a letter now. Then seal it with a kiss. :) Happy Holidays!

  6. So pretty. I'm really loving Kim's recent textures :)

  7. I so admire those who can make a gift look beautiful in the wrapping of it. I have never quite achieved that and think that it is so special, saying that thought has gone into not only the gift but the presentation.

  8. absolutely beautiful photos and textures. especially admiring the "with love" ribbon. enjoy the holiday season. one love.

  9. Awwww! So pretty, Teresa!
    Have a lovely Monday! :)


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