Monday, November 14, 2011

Homegrown & Handmade

Off to a farm we went on Saturday morning.
There were sheep, alpacas, and smiling llamas

And the people who love and care for them...

Baskets filled with colorful skeins of spun alpaca yarn caught the eye..

What a journey...from alpaca to stylish hat

I hope readers join me in supoort of local growers & producers everywhere. Check out what's in your area and then stop in.  You just might discover something delightful.

I realized that I forgot to include the information about the vendors and hosts of the farm fair.
Evening Star Farm
Diane & Terry Perkins
04917 County Road 22.75
Stryker, Ohio   43557
(419) 682-9137

One of the other farms showing their animals and goods was Winding Creek Alpacas and Llamas, please check out their website  or blog for more information


  1. They are such fantastic animals. I have saw articles made from the Alpaca wool and they are beautiful. I am with you in that we really need to support our local growers and producers.

  2. Every time I hear someone say, Yes to buying locally I want to stand up and applaud loudly! As you know, Lona, Ohio has been hard hit with the economic downturn, but I'm seeing a slow renaisance in this little corner I call home. There are new shops opening with wonderful items for sale from organic foods grown within a three hour radius to shops carrying vintage gift items that all fall under the three R's. I hope the trend continues for many years to come.

  3. Awww, they are so cute! Lovely shots! :)
    I agree, we all should support local growers and producers. Happy day!

  4. Thank you thank you Teresa O!! I'm a BIG Llama lover!! The yarn and the colors are exquisite!!!
    I have a little llama here in my studio.....I'm such a big fan!!!!

    Happy week~~


  5. I'm in the middle of a big alpaca wool knitting love fest but our local shop only has natural colored alapaca --well, white, beige, black etc.

    I need bright colors for my little elves......
    Any idea where I can order some?

  6. Elizabeth...I'll do some checking for you and see if the vendors would do a mailing or if they have a website. There's nothing on the flyer about a website, but one never knows.

  7. These are great shots. Love the alpaca to hat transition.

    Darryl and Ruth :)

  8. Sending warm wishes to each of you. Thank you for leaving a kind comment!


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