Wednesday, November 9, 2011

November Gratitude

Like the November rose I photographed on Sunday, I'm a bit ragged at times and bruised by life's hard edges, but I'm ever so thankful for joys and simple blessings. 
 I'm going to take Sarah Ban Breathnach's advice and share five things I'm thankful when gray skies opened and rain falls on the chilled November ground.

1. I am thankful for family.  They are the foundation that continually holds me up.
Photograph of my daughter and grandson by Nicole Lovins

2. There are two men who came into my life 8 years ago.  One delights me every day with his brown eyes and silly antics.  The other has encouraged and supported me through good & bad decisions. For these two special people I give thanks.  

3. It's the small, unexpected blessings that are often overlooked, like the fact that I forgot to turn off the coffee maker before I left the house this morning.  My negligence provided a hot cup of coffee when I  came home chilled and damp and boy did it taste good. 

4. Cloves, cinnamon, & nutmeg.  Oh yes, I'm thankful for those three spices that add a layer of delicious to cookies, pies, apples, and my home.   

5. I got my mojo back and oh how I thankful I am that I'm writing with passionate fervor once again.

So what are you grateful for today?  Anything in particular?  Wanna share? 

Have a grand day!



  1. Hello Teresa O!
    So GLAD you have your Mojo back!!! Your photos beautiful and a big Yes to all of your blessings. Lovely people are so important!! Glad you are taking good care of yourself ~~~~

    Life is like a roller coaster ride don't you think? Just when you are at the lowest point and it looks like forever, up the car ascends again and you are able to see everything with fresh eyes and a new joyful heart. Always there will be a new mountain to gaze off the top of, thankfully.


  2. Constance...Life is indeed like a roller coaster ride with twists and turns, ups and downs. Thank you for your sweet comments.

  3. Congrats on getting your mojo back!

    I'm thankful for the rain we've been getting (even if it makes me stay inside) because it's falling on days where I'm not allowed to water my garden due to water restrictions, which is handy! :)

  4. Congrats on getting your mojo back! :)
    Love your spices image, so pretty! I am thankful cloves and cinnamon that are helping me with getting rid of my cold :)
    Happy day!

  5. I woke up with a cracking headache today, and I almost cancelled my afternoon classes. I went, though; and my reward was an incredibly kind comment from one of my students. It filled my heart with gratitude.

    There is NOTHING more wonderful than that feeling of "mojo" (I tend to think of it as "zest.") I'm so glad that you've got yours back; I hope that I will see the return of mine someday soon.

    By the way, that rose doesn't really look so battered. Thank you, Teresa, for your comment on my post. xo

  6. November roses are so special ... an extra little gift before the final frosts. I love all your gratitudes and am happy that you've found your mojo again! Those dry spells are so difficult to go through but also so very necessary to our creative growth.

    I'm grateful for the lovely comment you left and that I've found your blog too!

    Have a lovely week!

  7. I have much to be grateful for, but struggle at times to remember that. Thanks so much for the reminder. Today, I'm grateful for old friends that are ever so precious to me. Your photos are fabulous, as usual Teresa!

  8. I love this joyful post and look forward to your next inspiration.

    I am thankful for my husband, family and my very special friends. I am thankful for the gift of writing and illustrating and that I am able to play the bodhran. All of these bring joy to my life and I give thanks for them.


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