Friday, September 9, 2011

Walking & a Winery

I went walking this morning...something that I've been planning to do for the last week or so, but the rain kept me in.  This morning, the misty weather be damned, I grabbed my camera and an umbrella and away I went down the country road.  I didn't have a clear vision where I'd wander to,but in the back of my mind was Stoney Ridge Farm & Winery.  It's a small winery that the Stotz family began in 2002.  It's such a wonderful surprise to find this bit of cultural sophistication in rural northwest Ohio. 

A few trucks and cars lined the drive and I wondered...could it be picking time? I sauntered up the drive and yes, lo and behold, there was a small group plucking grapes from bursting vines.  One of the pickers was the owner, Pam Stotz.  She gave me permission to photograph and so I did. 

Picking Hands

Harvested Grapes

I heard it through the grapvine...

There is something so magical about the twisting, winding grape vine that looks like an ancient man barely able to wait for that first sip of the elixir of gods.

"What I do and what I dream include thee, as the wine must taste of its own grapes."

~Elizabeth Barrett Browning

Pam Stotz pointed out to me rows of grapes called Leon.  I was amazed at how plump and full each cluster of grapes was.  The little purple spheres were tightly packed as if held by an unseen hand.

I'm so very glad I went for a walk this morning. 


  1. I am also glad you went for a walk! Look at these grapes, on bursting with color and flavor and possibilities! Wonderful photos, thank you!

  2. Dear Teresa, I enjoyed the walk in the rain with you. Your pictures are stunning -- I can smell those plump, juicy grapes! P. x

  3. Well, that was certainly worth the walk! Beautiful photos. You have a good eye.

  4. How wonderful to have a winery right there within walking distance of your home. I especially like the last shot. Hope you can get back to gardening next year!

  5. Yum, gorgeous photos of the grapes! :)
    Happy September!


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