Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Textured Barn on Tuesday

It's Texture Tuesday which gives me an excuse to use Kim Klassen's fabulous textures.  It was photographer's choice this week: Use Kim's wonderful texture, autumn burst, or show how the word "DO" inspired your photography creativity using at least one of Kim's textures that she offers to subscribers.  And by the way, did I mention, they're free?  
 A world lies within the walls of a barn. Neighborhoods of animals converse across rails while slits of sunlight cast a beam on yesterday's straw dust.  Mothers cry for the young, owls scream in the dark, and stamping, snorting and cud-chewing provide a background.  The laughter of long-gone children remains high above the floor bouncing from rafter to rafter. Oh yes, those four walls that make up a barn are a community, country, and world all its own.

I must admit...I did some heavy processing on this one.  It has two layers of Kim's autumn burst texture, one upside down.  I changed the colors by using a 60s app, fiddled with opacity and levels, softened it and turned the exposure up a bit.  In short, I highlighted, softened, faded, twisted, colored, and added to this photo of a simple barn on County Road G.

Check out how others used textures for their inspiring photography at...............



  1. You've given your photograph a really interesting vintage effect.

  2. Barns are so charming! :)
    Have a happy day!
    ** seen in Kim's TT

  3. WOW THeresa O!! You are truly flying with your photoshop knowhow! I do so admire for all you have learned. THis photo with the secret "DO" evokes a peaceful feeling and for me it expresses the changing of the seasons too. Just beautiful!


    My mom just walked by and admired your photograph too.

  4. Wow! I'm just starting with Photoshop and textures, I hope I can learn to do some of these techniques! Love the photo. And thanks for stopping by my blog :)


  5. Dear Theresa, Very impressive! I wouldn't know where to begin ... P. x

  6. Wow! You are just too good! The photo combined with your words evoke emotions that are unique to the country. It sounds like the beginning of an epic masterpiece...makes me think of Charlotte's Web. Suddenly I feel safe and loved!

  7. I just love photos of barns. Unfortunately I live in the city, so I don't get to see to many barns. I love how you described the barn, really made you feel as if you were there. You can here the animals, the children's laughter and with the texture bringing enough old time feel to it. Great shot and use of texture.

    Thanks so much for stopping by my blog and for you lovely words.

    Bright blessings,

  8. Gorgeous!! this is really beautiful T...and dreamy..I love the softness to it all and the whole vibe..wonderful work my firend..gorgeous!Shine on!

  9. Oh I love that picture. I like old barns anyway but with the texture it looks so antique and wonderful. I may have to get photoshop to play with this winter. LOL! May stave off the usual cabin fever too.

  10. Thanks to each of you for stopping by and leaving a comment. Each one is treasured.

    Lona...I did all the processing for the photo at picnik.com. There's a minimal fee for the premium program, but it's much less than any version of Photoshop and a great way to get your dip in your toes without getting wet. I highly recommend giving it a whirl before buying PHotoshop. However, I LOVE Elements 9.

  11. Lovely photo, so beautiful with Kim's texture !
    Beautiful words too !
    Thanks for your nice comment,

  12. i'm a barn addict so this one really caught me.....gorgeous as were your words. xo

  13. Awesome, I love barns! That texture is perfect for your photo, I like how the texture ages the image.

  14. hello friend.
    i love this recipe you came up with for your photo!

  15. Theresa, You are really doing some wonderful things with the photography, I can barely get a picture into focus with my low skills.
    I really love the way you write, you have a real gift with words.

    By the by, I have been remiss in my blog visits, did you ever do a post on your little cottage on the corner, with photos?

  16. Hi Jeri...I have not done that post yet. Thank you for reminding me. Also, thank you for your thoughtful comments.


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