Wednesday, May 4, 2011

They Color Our World

Sunday I attended the second annual art show at Montpelier school and oh how they color our world.  Viewing the tangible art of young imaginations brings such joy.  As we walked the halls graced with so many mediums, from crayons to clay, a sense of gratitude coursed through me.  I’m grateful that the school my grandson attends sees the magic in art and music and celebrates with exuberance, the too-often first to go classes in an economic down-turn.
Budding artists walked the halls with parents and grandparents in tow pointing at their precious work.

One proud artist stood next to his creation, while his Mimi snapped his picture

What shapes and color were found on this table..imagination in cubes.
And then there were suitcases, covered in magical patterns and vivid colors
"Love Luggage" was a service project created by Ohio art teachers and the beneficiaries are foster children. Because these children are often pulled from a situation on short notice, they have no way to carry their possessions except for in trash bags. This is certainly not a way to honor this person or their belongings. To remedy this, the art teachers came up with a service project that breathes new life into old luggage and turns them into prized possessions. The suitcases are given to children in foster care to keep and cherish forever." Want to know more? Check out Snippety Gibbet.  
I was touched by such a beautful project where children bring love and art together for other children who face uncertain futures.
President Lyndon B. Johnson put it most eloquently when he said....

I couldn't agree more. 


  1. me, too ... couldn't agree more ...

    what an uplifting and enlightening post!
    i find pure joy in children's art ... and the fact they are so graciously paying it forward in this way is completely heartwarming and offers such great hope and dignity to those in need ... : )

    you proud artist is very, very sweet ... and oh, so proud!

  2. What a joyful post! So full of creativity and hope!

    I love to look at children's art work, they are still young enough to not be needing to do it all right, just create it!

    Look artist, brilliant!

  3. prairiegirl...I am delighted beyond measure that the school celebrates art because I firmly believe that teaching the joys of art, in all its forms, offers these fresh spirits a lifetime of beauty.

    Marion...there is simple joy in the art of children, it's genuine, authentic, and not contrived or as you say, "needing to do it all right." Oh to rediscover that beautiful spirit.

  4. That luggage project is such a great idea. What a sunny post.

  5. i could not agree more and this post so touched my heart...i think that the art of a child is most precious and framed and hanging lights up a room like no other....what a beautiful and inspiring post and you used one of the most beloved quotes from O'Keeffe. loved it. ;)xoxo

  6. Bee...Thanks for stopping by. I totally agree, the love luggage project is indeed wonderful.

    Linda..Intermingled with the showcased art were wonderful quotes about art, children, and inspiration. I photographed a few of the quotes displayed. Sometimes I forget that even in small towns there are people of like-mind who view art with passion rather than apathy. This little art show reminded me of that fact.

    I hope you're feeling well.

  7. Awesome.. I am sure you couldn't be prouder!!


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