Tuesday, May 10, 2011


When I visit my brother and sister-in-law, I drive past a wee patch of land, abandoned years ago leaving behind the deep scar of a house and the gentle presence of past lives. I’ve no doubt a farm once graced this corner and I wonder what caused the demise of so charming a place.  Could it be the railroad that slices through farmland like two,  never-ending  silver swords or was there some other catastrophe that befell the living, breathing homestead? 

Amidst soft bird calls and the wind whispering through pines there's signs that someone once surrounded their home with the simplicity of country life.
Apple trees were planted that brought white petals falling like snow in May

I'd like to think that the freckled look of cherry trees blooming pink brought smiles of contentment and thoughts of cherry pies

I'm sure someone opened a window of the long-gone house filling it with a clean, sweet fragance from lilacs growing nearby.

The only structure left standing are the skeletal remains of a windmill that once upon a time, caught Ohio breezes with paddles whirring echoing a song over plowed fields.  

There's something romantically haunting about abandoned houses, barns, and farms that invites wool-gathering moments.  In my mind's eye I visualize how it might have been with chickens scratching, cows lowing in a nearby pasture, freshly laundered sheets billowing out like sails on a sea of green, and the laughter of children as they swing higher and higher, almost touching the sky.

The dandelions are reclaiming this bit of earth, but I'll be back for lilacs in bloom and another peek into the past.          


  1. Such gentle thoughts of times gone by. Love the photography. You even made a dandylion look beautiful!

  2. The spirits of these places are smiling on you, they feel your love of their place and rejoice in your words.

    These photos are glorious. They remind me to stop and get close to all the beauty that surrounds us right now!

    Lovely lovely lovely post!

  3. Abandoned houses always get me to wondering about the people who may have lived in them and what these houses may have seen through the years. I am strange. LOL!
    So many beautiful spring blooming trees now and they are so welcome. Just as welcome as the sun we finally got more than one day of. LOL!

  4. MJ...Awww, thanks. I'm such a romantic sap, as you know. lol

    Marion...I'm one of those birds that lives by stop and smell the roses. Thank you for your kind comments.

    Lona...I'm with you. Old houses, abandoned buildings, and even antique furniture inspires me to conjure up stories. Finally, it's spring in nw Ohio! Yippeeeeee!

  5. I am always besotted with old forgotten homesteads. They seem so lonely and a bit mysterious.They are ghosts of the past, and a fertile imagination can put a face on those ghosts. We have many in our area. I always want to reclaim them, make them come alive again. Our old house was one of them, but you would never know it now!


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