Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Tuesday with Tulips

Well here we are with one week of March behind us.  I'm searching for spring everywhere.  Oh there it is...

In Lemon Chalets, chocolate and peanut butter Tagalongs, Thin Mints, and buttery Shortbread. Tis the season for Girl Scout cookies and a sure sign that spring is inching closer!

What's your favorite Girl Scount cookie?

Yesterday was a sunshine day, one of those days that just brings smiles to faces as snow ebbs away like a low tide.  And then, there are yellow come orange tulips...

 A fistful of soft yellow tulips purchased for five dollars bloomed molten orange, warm and stunning.

 The aging beauties returned to the yellow of their youth. 

Ethereal in orange, one beauty stands alone fading gently or as A. E. Stalling put it,
"And do not wilt so much as faint."

May you find a bit of spring on this March day.

I almost forgot...today is Fat Tuesday! Have you had your paczki today?
Not sure what paczki is?  First, it's pronounced 'punch-key' and it's a sinfully delicious fried dough filled with jams, jellies, or creams brought to the US by Polish immigrants. There are strong Polish populations in midwest cities like Chicago, Detroit, and the one closest to me, Toledo. The treat has spread across the countryside until every small town with a bakery offers freshly fried paczki on Fat Tuesday and the days leading up to the feast before lent.  If you want just one order a paczek pronounced, 'pon-chek.'


  1. Your tulips are so pretty and just what we need for these chilly days. I always loved the Thin Mint cookies.
    Maybe too much. LOL!

  2. Now we are Anglicans in a Dutch Reformed church, as I read your post, I suddenly realise - Mardi Gras - tomorrow must be Ash Wednesday.
    Is there no room in your garden for a tiny water feature, or a birdbath?

  3. Dear Teresa O. Happy Fat Tuesday~
    Thank you for telling me about Paczki.
    That is one I've not heard of and my husband is of Polish decent. I'll ask him when he gets home today about them.
    The first photo is breathtaking!!


  4. Hello Lona...In the past I would have turned my nose up at orange flowers, but I've come adore the span of rainbow colored flowers. I still have my favorites, but there's plenty of room for orange,purple, and even green flowers.

    Well, Diana...we may be moving so it's doubtful I'll have much of any kind of garden this year. When I can welcome a garden into my life again, I'd love to include a bird bath surrounded by flowers of all kinds.

    Constance...Yes, do ask your husband about paczki. Thank you for your kind comments.

  5. oh my, miss teresa o ... your tulip images
    are divine! that orange is so alive
    and cheerful! ...
    wonderful processing, too ... : )

    and um, yes please ~ i like the dark chocolate mint girl guide cookies the most ...


  6. don't forget here in milwaukee. my great grandma used to make em. she was from warsaw.


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