Wednesday, March 2, 2011

The sign on the wall at the coffee shop inside Borders book store asked, What level are you?  Later, I thought about the descriptons written on the sign, wondering if people fall under those categories, too, or are we so multi-layered that a few adjectives barely scratches the skin of what lies beneath.
  Who Do I Know...

that's mild, crisp, light? My friend MJ might fit this category.  She's mild mannered, but has a crisp wit that keeps me on my toes.  A light shines from her that entices others to bask in her warmth.

that's bright, lively, easy drinking?  This is my brother P.  His personality bubbles with bright bursts of energy and wit.  His lively nature makes being near him easy and  comfortable. 

that's balanced, smooth, full-flavored? Hmmm... CP, oh yes, he's balanced with a work hard and play hard focus.  He's oh so smooth.  A wordly sort that's flavored the fullness of life in ways I can only imagine.  

that's rich, elegant, complex?  That would be all of you that stop by The Cottage to read what I have to say.  You're rich with diversity, elegant and creative, with complex layers I often want to peel away so I can know you better. 

that's bold, dark, intense?  The 7 year old that graces my life boldly examines the world as only a child can.  His dark hair and eyes makes this mimi swoon.  He carries an intense curiosity and focus for those things he loves like nothing I've seen before.

I've been away for a bit.  Helping and laughing with a friend and refilling the well of imagination and creativity. I need to do this more often...take time for me and delve into the little pleasantries that enrich life beyond measure.

If you have a moment, I'd love to hear what you do to refill your creative well. 

"In filling the well, think magic. Think delight. Think fun." 
~ Julia Cameron The Artist's Way 



  1. I just love that you spent some time away and how you describe it as helping and laughing with a friend! What could be better!

    And look at this wonderful post - so full of your own bold, lively, balanced writing!

    So glad that you got to get a way and wonderful to have you back!

  2. Oh Marion...I'm so delighted you stopped by. Thanks for the wonderful comment. I'll be over for a visit,soon.

  3. great post...can't type much right now but wanted to stop in and say hello...great quote too. xoxo

  4. Brilliant post! I love those zany descriptions and the imaginative way in which you have transposed them to those in your life.

    I would choose a break with friends, time with the 7 year old in my life, or just seeking solitude and allowing the creative muse to visit.

    Keep on creating .... please!

    Back next Sunday - yes, a break with friends and a musical experience.

  5. Just walking through craft stores can fill me with creative ideas!

  6. Ohh hello everyone. I've been a bit lacadaisical, but please know I treasure each and every comment that you leave for me.

    Thank you for visiting my virtual getaway, the Cottage on the Corner.


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