Friday, February 11, 2011

Fading Beauty

 Like the broken wings  of angels, petals fall gently 

Morning light smiled on a pink cup creating a youthful peach complexion

Aging with grace and beauty

The tulips have lost their bloom, but even as the soft colors fade there's beauty to be found.  

Purple tulips?  Red roses?  White daisies tied with with a ribbon?  I wonder what flowers are waiting to be discovered.?  

Have a joyful weekend!


  1. So beautiful... I love your composition.

  2. my goodness that second photo of the translucent pinkness of the tulip is stunning, simply over the top beautiful...your photography skills are amazing and i can hardly believe you have just begun to be serious about this hobby!! you are a natural artist and these photos prove....and don't you love pink flowers? i adore them...thank you for sharing such beauty as this ♥

  3. Dear Teresa, The changing light does bring out so many different qualities of the Tulips. You have certainly captured the 'blush beauty' of these most delicate of flowers. The images would look absolutely lovely as greeting cards.

  4. Even in their fading state they are very pretty.

  5. Your words and pictures are so tangible, yet elusive - poetry themselves.

  6. Deborah...welcome to The Cottage on the Corner. Thank you for your kind comment.

    Linda...Pink flowers are my favorites. I'm discovering I tend to take more photos of anything pink than anything else. Time to break out of the box.

    Edith...thanks for stopping by. The morning light was so lovely after so many days of clouds and nothing but gray. The tulip was actually pink, but light turned it that sweet peachy blush. Thank you for the suggestion, I'm considering creating notecards and greeting cards using my photography.

    Hello Darla...Yes, indeed, fading flowers age with grace and beauty.

    aguja...You always have such kind things to say in such a pretty way. Thank you for stopping by.

  7. Beautiful, inspiring post!

  8. eep! oh oh oh ... how i love the morning light smiling on your most beautiful, breathtaking tulip ...

    certainly brings a smile to me ...

    thanks so much for visiting and always
    leaving such lovely comments ... : )

    happy love day to you!

  9. glad you popped in. Thanks for the sweet comment. I've been having problems getting on to your blog. Perhaps it's my computer's problem, but I'll keep trying.

    Hi Amy...I've been reading your wonderful stories, but not leaving many comments. Thank you for stopping by.

    Prairiegirl...Thanks for the tulip kudos. It seems to be a favorite!
    Happy Valentines day to you, too!


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