Monday, November 15, 2010

The Joy of Kind

I'm just not into it today to the point of not being able to figure out what it is.  I've been so busy for the past week that I barely had time to breathe.  Perhaps my body, mind and spirit are sending me a subtle message that today should be take a deep breath day.  Take it easy.  Slow down.  Let the day spread before me like a soft blanket that warms.

Are you acquainted with Se'Lah over at Necessary Room?  Oh what a beautiful soul.  This past Saturday she and Anyes hosted a day of random acts of kindness for World Kindness Day.  Because of entertaining out -of-town guests I couldn't fully participate, but others did.  If you have a moment or two, please visit Se'Lah and Anyes.  Read about the kind, considerate ways others found to "lift as you climb." 

Everyday Kindness
Hold the door for someone...anyone.
Say thank you for services rendered.
Toss a few coins or a bill into bucket, jar, or outstretched hand. 
Take the time to acknowledge the existence of your fellow inhabitants of this earth regardless of their state.
Share your gifts...we all have them.
Decorate your face with a smile.

There's so much more and I know you'll think of a thousand ways to practice random acts of kindness every day. 


  1. I just caught up on your most recent posts and have to say "Pass me a tamale!!"Gosh, I love tamales. I AM going to learn how to cook them someday.

  2. Beautiful and inspiring post. Yes, we all can take the time to be kind. :)

  3. Dear Teresa, It is so therapeutic to have days when everything is taken more slowly. I do think that this is a great medicine as generally life passes at such a frenetic pace.

    And, what a wonderful idea...small random acts of kindness. Absolutely perfect for making the world a better place.

  4. Jeri...Thanks for stopping by. Oh yes, tamales are fun to make with family and friends, but I must admit, I'm not all that fond of eating them.

    Meredith...isn't it amazing how such small kindnesses can go so far? Glad you stopped by.

    Edith...It's wonderful to see you. Absolutely! We all need "mental health" days in a world that never seems to rest. I don't think people pratice manners and common courtesies like they used to, which includes kind gestures.

  5. Hi Theresa O.
    Hope things have slowed down for you a bit!!
    Appreciate all the Everyday kindness' you mentioned here above. Thank you~

  6. Dear Teresa, I think random acts of kindness do as much for the giver as for the receiver, don't you? All the more reason why they should be performed. Pam x

  7. Yes, yes, taking it slowly
    and hoping to be kind are the way to go.
    Greetings from rather frenetic New York!

  8. Wonderful reminder of how easy it is to be kind and what a difference it makes in the world!

    As for, deep breath, clear your mind and creativity comes back. Maybe after Thanksgiving?!


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