Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Country Traditions

A tumbling-down barn

These are the things of a rural life and Thanksgiving. 

Clyde lives on my sister and brother-in-law's farm. I'm sure he's thankful he's not a turkey!

One of my favorite dishes belonged to my grandmother, my mother, and who knows who else. It'a  rustic Bennington dish that always comes out in the fall. 

I'm a traditionalist when it comes to Thanksgiving.  I cook like my mom did, everything from scratch.  I want turkey on my table with all the trimmings of potatoes mashed smoothed with velvety gravy cascading over the mound.  Unlike most of my family I prefer dressing to stuffing, but it must be fragrant with lots of sage and onion.  I want sweet potatoes laced with brown sugar and butter.  I don't care what's on top, pecans, marshmallows or nothing at all.  It's all good.  Homemade rolls heaped in a basket waiting to play host to a pat of golden butter, and pies...apple, pumpkin, and oh how I long for a pie filled with rich, homemade mincemeat. I'm the only person in my entire family that adores mincemeat pie, so it's just not worth making.  *sigh

I'm looking forward to entertaining family for Thanksgiving.  I have my To-Do List ready for today and tomorrow is grocery and baking day.  The scent of apple and pumpkin pies and my mom's cloverleaf rolls will mingle together in a spicy-yeasty fragrance. Then there's creating a Thanksgiving tablescape, getting out the dishes, platters, and bowls needed, and oh so much to do!   

Have a wonderful day!    


  1. Dear Teresa, Oh how I wish that I lived closer [and that I had an invitation] since your Thanksgiving celebrations sound just perfect.....and I should love a slice of mincemeat pie so it would be worth the making!!

    Have a happy time!!!

  2. Ohhh I too wish you lived closer. I'd certainly make a mince pie and we'd share it, while sipping on coffee or tea. You've made my day, Edith!

    Have a delightful November day!

  3. Wow, that barn photo is incredible! I mean it, it's really good!

  4. Awww...thank you Robin. There are so many barns falling apart at the seams around here. I've been meaning to get out and take lots of photos of barns before them become a thing of the past.

    Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

  5. Happy Thanksgiving dear Teresa!
    Such super images yes
    I bet Mr.Rooster is pretty damn glad just about now!

  6. Can you hear my tummy growling? LOL! Sounds so yummy.
    Have a wonderful Thanksgiving with your family.

  7. honey yes, yes indeed to it all. i am ready for a nice helping of my dressing tomorrow.
    happy thanksgiving, friend.

  8. oh, you have my mouth watering! since going gluten free by NO choice, i have been dreading holidays...you listed all my favorite foods, especially stuffing, my favorite, cooked IN the bird....now we are having crab, something i also love but there's nothing like the fragrance of cooking the holiday meal nor the memories that go with it. thanks for sharing yours. and that barn photo is stunning!

  9. Elizabeth...Clyde the rooster is a naughty fellow. Recently he spurred my brother in law, so who knows, me may find himself in the boiling pot one of these days.

    Lona...Happy Thanksgiving to you, too!

    Christina...Wishing you a delicious Thanksgiving day.

    Linda...Mmmm crab sounds so yummy, too! I so hope you're feeling better.

    *Hugs to all*

  10. Your descriptions of the meal were so evocative, my mouth is watering. (We won't eat our Thanksgiving until Saturday, so I'll just have to be patient.) Mincemeat is a favorite of my father's and mine, by the way. You obviously have good taste. ;)

    Happy Thanksgiving, Teresa!

  11. HEllo Theresa O!
    Love the way you celebrate! Homemade is MANDATORY! How can love go into a meal if it's not?
    Fabulous images above!
    I'm thankful we met here!


  12. Meredith...so good to see you. Oh I'm so glad to have found another lover of mince pie. Now to start a mince pie convention!

    Constance...Thank you for the kind comments. You're so right...love is the main ingredient in made from scratch.

  13. Very nice :D Hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving! :D

  14. Welcome Miss Kitty. I did indeed have a wonderful Thanksgiving. Thank you for stopping by.

  15. I hope your Thanksgiving was wonderful! I love that first photo...breathtaking! And thanks for your comment on my blog...it does a body good to vent now and then. xoxo

  16. I would feel right at home at your dinner table, being the turkey and sweet potato gal that I am. That will never change in our household.
    I really like Clyde. Can I introduce him to a nice, single hen that I know? She isn't much to look at but she has a lovely personality.

  17. I have never had mincemeat pie- maybe it is time to give it a try!


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