Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Thoughts on a September Day

Where do I go from here?  Lately, I’ve been on a journey wandering through my dreams and trying to figure out where I wish to linger and places it’s time to move on from.  I admit…I love reading blogs.  Yes, I relish reading the words of others along with sighing at the beauty others create, which leads me to wondering.  In this year and a half waltz through the blogosphere I’ve discovered….

I sigh at beauty…
soft, elegant, vintage, old-world beauty
Found here and here.

I smile at the whimsical…
chickens scratching, dogs that talk, and fairies lighting on fern fronds
and find it here.

Photography fills me with joy…
whether it’s a photo of a weather-beaten man of the sea or the velvet, striated petals of a rose
discovered in places like this.

Peace comes in the garden…
oh yes; I feel a deep sense of peace and tranquility in a garden, any garden
whether found online or in my backyard

Words haunt me…
when words pour from me I am often lost in a world of my own making, but the words of others touch me in profound ways as these do.

All these very creative pursuits seem but a dream and a dance away and yet…

I’m confused by all this.  I’m not sure which path to follow.  I take in the breath-taking views of others and ponder how each one found their own room with so many to choose from.  What made one person choose this and another that?  Did it come slowly over time or was it always known?  I question…where have I failed? Why am I still wandering?


  1. Dear Teresa, First, thank you so very much for your very kind mention of my weblog. I am really touched by such a kind thought.

    Secondly, I am somewhat saddened that your posting of today seems rather wistful and gives a sense of unease about which way you will continue with your own weblog.

    Although we are only acquainted in the virtual world, I have come to view you as a highly creative and talented person with an independent and most interesting view on all manner of things.I would hope that you can find a way to explore the everyday things of your life, your garden, your reading and your artistic activities in your own quirky style since I am certain that this will produce a cornucopia of delight for your readers.

  2. Frances over at Faire Garden is also feeling introspective today. Perhaps it is your autumn drawing in. I remember your blog back when I started over a year ago. Your where-to-journey is also something you can share with us. Those bits you chose to share, as today.

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  4. Edith...I cannot thank you enough for your kind words and encouragement. Sometimes, I meander too much, instead of focusing. My dilemma is which way to go, but perhaps I need not make a decision, but just let life ebb and flow and see where it takes me.

    Diana...I read Frances introspective view after you mentioned it. Sometimes we just run out of words, ideas, and need to replenish the well. Perhaps that's what I've been doing over this past month or so. Thank you for being supportive and thoughtful with your comments.

  5. your words so echo those in my head as often my blog is of no firm direction, no real intention behind whatever i am going toward as i never know where i am going, most especially in what i choose to write about .... for me, this blogging thing is as meandering as a thistle seed as it blows in the wind...just as is life, our minds, our moods...tho i speak just for me and my own ways, i think, when i read these words, i feel a kindred spirit in you, that your mind wanders along like mine and sometimes it's just not the same as yesterday's gaze.


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