Thursday, September 30, 2010

Seeing September Out

The days of September whisked by with speed that rivals flapping hummingbird wings making their way over ripening fields of soybeans in an Ohio sunset toward winter warmth and light.  Tomorrow begins the frightful month of October with Halloween and long leggity beasties and things that go bump in the night, but today it’s still September.

In September...

Pink hollyhocks twirl about tall spires
Zinnias in pink, red, orange, and cream find the autumn light
Herbs continue scenting the fall breeze

Gaillardias remind of south of the border places

While family and friends create hundreds of tamales on a single, September Saturday

A gift of bittersweet for fall decorating

And lobsters, fresh from New England waters, find their way to an Ohio dinner table

Yes, September is a fine month and I shall miss it as leaves turn, Jack Frost paints pumpkins with frost, and ghouls and goblins take over the night.


  1. Dear Teresa, This was a magical posting which I have enjoyed greatly. The images accompanied your text beautifully and gave a real feeling of your family, home and garden.

    Following from your previous posting, I think that this is what you do so well. Go with the flow and the mood of the moment with a collection of thoughts and images to match. Wonderful!

  2. i was already hungry and now.....hmmmm, wishing i had some of those yummy good tamales in my freezer about now..what a gorgeous post and everything looks different over here too...every thing is gorgeous in your neck of the woods!
    thank you so much for your thoughtful was so very sweet of you to drop by and leave such kind words. i hope you are taking care of you and will be back to blogging soon tho from this post, it seems you are in a very good's gorgeous.

  3. hello my friend!
    these photos are so beautiful and full of life. and those tamales~ yummy!
    ps: check my blog please, a surprise for you.

  4. A beautiful post .
    Such evocative pictures. Very lovely.

  5. Edith...thanks for stopping by. I think you've hit the nail on the head...when it comes to blogging living in the moment and sharing it is something I do well. I've taken your words to heart and plan to stick around.

    Linda...what a day we had making tamales, over 500 of the rolled up yummies. Fall and spring are my two favorite seasons, with winter following close behind. As for summer, it's just not my favorite time of year. I wilt in the heat and humidity like a thirsty flower.

    You're so welcome. You write such touching posts that's impossible not to comment.'ve made me smile...a great big cheshire cat grin.'s always lovely to see you. I'm quite sure you're recuperating from Willow's ball, but my look fabulous!

  6. Thank you for your visual Bouquet, Teresa O. The tamales and Zinnia's and lobster's are a excellent reminder of all the beauty every season has to offer!


  7. That sounds like a lovely September day to me! I just love the first shot of the soybean field, oh so Ohio! It's funny Teresa, the people of Ohio think it is disloyal to the Bucks to even *visit* the state of Michigan. Silly buckeyes!

  8. Dear Teresa, Oh, my, is September over already? How can it be nearly the end of October? The summer is gone, but I hope, dear Teresa, you will be around with your evocative postings for a very long time. Pam x

  9. absolutely stunning header, photos and post.

    I'm so glad I stopped by today. thanks for making me smile.

    one love.

  10. And now.. there are only a few days left in October.. man how time seems like its accelerating.


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