Monday, July 12, 2010

Mosaic Monday

Today really is Monday and I'm all about the flowers of Toledo.  My hosts's yard, in the median strips of four lane highways, city hanging baskets, parks, and public places offered up flower treasures just waiting to be captured by a camera.  My first mosaic...
H y d r a n g e a  L o v e
Nothing stops me in my tracks like spying a hydrangea.  My eyes open wide, the heart beats a bit faster, and my hands quiver ever so slightly...this is love at first, second, and third sight.  I never grow weary of looking at the pendulous orbs of florets.  The one thing I love the most about this plant is the wide range of colors on one shrub, white, creams, pinks, lavender, and that wonderful sky blue that brings deep, sighs of yearning. 

I nabbed shots of hydrangeas in MJ's backyard, in Perrysburg, and the most stunning blues at the Toledo Museum of Art
C o n e f l o w e r   C a r n i v a l
Coneflowers or echinacea do a flower fandango in MJ's front yard.  Petals circle around the brilliant yellow and orange cone that flirts with the sun and bid me come hither.  Flower beds that include coneflowers grace the elegant exterior of the Toledo Art Museum so, of course, I just had to take a few photos while attending the It's Friday event.      

Please join me on a romp through the blogosphere ooohing and ahhing over the marvelous mosaics of others. Let's start at the Little Red House, the blog of our hostess for Mosaic Monday. 

Want to know more about hydrangeas?  I found a wonderful website, Hydrangeas!, Hydrangeas! that is everything hydrangea from varieties to weddings. 


  1. I love hydrangeas too. These are such pretty mosaics!

  2. Love your mosaic but particularly the coneflower ones. Who ever would have thought that those two colors would look so stunning together. I wouldn't be without them in my garden. I do have a question. How do you put together the mosaics? Do you have to have a program to do it or can anyone do it?

  3. Barbara...Thank you for stopping by and your kind comments.

  4. Ohh I know what you and pink/purple just scream summer when put together.

    Anyone can create some pretty cool mosaics for free! I downloaded Picasa from the internet, it's free and a great photo editor. It's super easy to use, too! There are other ways, too. For about $25 you can use Picnic, which creates mosaics/collages, too. It's part of Flickr. Then, there's the fabulous Photoshop programs that can do it all, but comes with a hefty price tag. I highly recommend giving Picasa a try.

  5. Hi Bonnie...thanks for visiting the Cottage on the Corner.

  6. I adore coneflowers, they are so reliable and stately, they come in many varieties and drop seeds everywhere. That is my kind of plant!
    Hydrangeas are pretty special too.

  7. i want to walk along your beautiful mosaics.; )

  8. lovely mosaic! I love pink flowers! Have a great week, Diana

  9. Beautiful floral mosaic Theresa O! !Also appreciated your pierced ear tale! Thank you for sharing!

  10. I love hydrangea! So pretty. The coneflowers are lovely, too. Great mosaics!

  11. Greetings,

    Stopping by from Christina's. Beautiful flowers. I so admire hydrangeas.

    wishing you the best of days. one love.

  12. Hydrangeas are the favorite plant that I cannot grow here in the desert. Your pictures are so beautiful. I have grown coneflowers before and just love their beautiful lavender colors.

  13. Melody...welcome to the Cottage on the Corner. I'm glad you enjoyed my floral mosaics.

    Se'lah...Thank you for stopping by for a visit. Aren't hydrangeas just gorgeous?

    Noelle...I've always had problems growing hydrangeas, too. Perhaps it's the age old adage, "we desire what we can't have."

  14. Teresa, Your mosaics are very impressive. I love both hydrangeas and purple cone flowers. The mosaics made me examine them in a new way. Pam


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