Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Snow Dog Afternoon

It’s snowing!!!   Can you believe it??? SNOW!!! Yes I’m so excited that it’s snowing and…wait for it…blowing, that I can barely contain my excitement!” she said while raising her fist toward snowflakes racing the wind outside the window. Then she swore, “As God is my witness, they’re (snow and wind) not going to lick me (unless I venture outdoors, in which case, the wind won’t lick, but it will bite and the snow will definitely make me wet…kind of like a lick). I’m going to live through this and when it’s over, I’ll never be cold again (HA! Who are you kidding that pesky ground hog all ready told you….6 more weeks of winter!) Ok so I took a few liberties paraphrasing Scarlet from Gone with the Wind, but I don’t think she minds, although I did make the weather sound like a dog with all that biting and licking, but these are sure not the dog days of summer and I don’t think I can see the dog star sailing up there beyond the gray clouds. I think I’ll just call this…Snow Dog Afternoon or how about The Dogs of Winter?

Yes, I’m sure you can feel my passionate excitement for the white stuff that piles up and the wind that’s intent on stacking it up making it hard to get out of the drive. I’m surprised someone hasn’t come out with an exercise DVD that incorporates walking and running through snow, dancercizing to Baby, It’s Cold Outside, and shoveling to strengthen all those flagging body parts that grew weak from sitting by a window watching it snow.

Sooo…it’s snowing in nw Ohio. I have plenty of things to do around here, but I’d sure like to be on a warm beach somewhere…soaking up the sun, digging my toes into a white sandy beach, sipping on an umbrella-decorated cocktail served by a Johnny Depp look-alike in Mad Hatter garb. (I just love Alice in Wonderland…don’t you?) Instead, I’ll go back doing what I was doing before I started writing this post…staring out the window at the snow while my hand turns the pages of the White Flower Farm perennial catalog.
All the photos today were taken by me at places like Craigville Beach and Provincetown on Cape Cod.  Sure looks inviting on a day like today.   

So what do you dream when the snow flies? 


  1. Hi Teresa, Your beach photos were just what I needed to see on this blustery day here in VA...as we prepare for YET ANOTHER snowstorm;-) I especially like the brightly colored beach umbrellas, and kites, windsocks, etc! Stay warm!

  2. Just what I needed...a reminder of summer.
    Aah sooo nice.

  3. Wonderful photos..ahhh that beautiful beach sand looks like a dream! Gorgeous!
    Have a super day!

  4. Oh, I can only imagine what you are going through. The pictures on the news tell the story quite well. But, at least you know the the snow will end someday....and the beach will await!

  5. I was quite excited when they said we we were going to get some snow today but all we are getting is rain and it's a cold rain. This from a girl who lived 12 years in Montreal. I do remember the fun we had when a blizzard hit and we tobogganed drank hot chocolate and cooked dinner in the fireplace. So sorry for those people on the Eastern seaboard. Are they not having fun yet? I would like to be on a beach right now but it was nice to see your pictures.


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