Friday, February 5, 2010

Seeing Red

The color red fits into February like a Valentine fits into an envelope. Red flowers, red hearts, and today is the American Heart Association’s Go Red for Women celebration. It’s a day to raise awareness of heart disease in women.

I'm wearing a warm, red turtleneck for Women Wear Red day and The Cottage on the Corner gives a nod to the day by sporting photos of all things red from tucked-away files.

Looking out the window on a cold winter morn...I discover the sun rising red and reach into memories of...

Red flowers seen while on a walk with a little boy's hand in mine
And oh what red flowers the summer did bring...
Lilies of all kinds...
The Queen of the garden... roses robed in red
Tight buds ready to unfurl in brilliant red...
Tears from the heavens shimmering on roses of red...
Dahlias dancing in red

And the trees...glorious dressed in shades of red

Reaching for red in the vegetable garden...

Red, hot  chili peppers...
Trees heavy with apples ripe for the pickin'...
It's a spectacular end to the day when the sun sets red
"We  never know how high we are till we are called to rise. 
Then if we are true to form our statures touch the sky."
~Emily Dickinson


  1. Oh, thank you so much....tears of gratitude are spilling....thank you for playing along!

    Have a wonderful day!


  2. Beautiful Reds. My favorite color :)

  3. What a riot of red....I just love the Dahlia, Rose and apples :^)

  4. Teresa, I can smell the deep red lilies! and what sky!

    Might I say such a beautiful name... just happens to be the same as my sisters. ;)

  5. this is a lovely, lovely post, and the sumptuous color is good enough to eat... i am partial to flowers and sunsets and you've got me coming and going with this one! ;)

    have a wonderful weekend! enjoy your red as will I.

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  7. A lovely WARM sort of post! I enjoyed every word and picture of it. Thank you. xx

  8. Ah, my favorite charity. Dear hubby had a heart attack at the young age of 45, and just this summer had a triple bypass. Doing fabulous now, but still....

  9. JoLyn...Red is one of my favorite colors, too, but I was surprised to discover how few red flower photos I took. Hmmm...

    Noelle...I love that red dahlia, too. I took the photo at the Toledo Botanical Garden. I've never grown dahlias myself.

    Di...Thank you for your kind comments and compliments. I've always liked my name and I think it's lovely, too.

    Linda...I love taking photos of flowers and almost anything in nature, but I'm discovering I like taking photos of almost anything.

    Pam...thank you for stopping by. One of these days I'm going to figure out how to get you on my list! :)

    Robin...I'm sorry to hear your hubby suffered a heart attack, but it's great to hear he's doing well. Wear Red for Women is a wonderful thing! Anything we can do make more people aware is a darn good thing.

    Take care, all!


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