Monday, August 6, 2012

Random Stuff

Here we are six days into August and I'm making my first post.  I took up the August Break banner challenging myself to take at least one photo every day and post it, but or rather a yard sale just got in the way. 

Have you ever held a yard sale at your home? It's a ton of work, but a great way to purge your house and life of all those bits that accumulate while we're busy living.  And then there are those who decide it's time to unload generations of stuff.

Check out the antique black stroller, yep that's a stroller called the The Junior Tourist. The metal blue stroller is a more recent model.  One gentleman purchased both stollers.

We had two-legged and four-legged visitors.  An adorable Westie stopped by with his lady to browse treasures of all kinds.
 No matter how I tried I just couldn't get him to look at me.  Isn't he cute? 

Cheerios looks so much more delicious in a close-up photo than in person.  Well...that takes me up to three photos.

Today I've promised myself some photo time and I'm going to keep that promise.  Where ever you are, I hope you've been blessed with a glorious day that is as fine as it is here in nw Ohio this 70-something degrees morning. 
My photo editing consisted of a bit of cropping and punching up the color in Elements 10.


  1. Oh, yard sales! I love love love yard sales! It's always wonderful to see what collections people have and how what they do or don't value.
    Your images are so beautiful, especially the dear (but shy) dog!

  2. Hi Marion! I would hang on to everything, but I don't want to find myself on an episode of Hoarders. I could also write a book about the wonderful things my ex-husband's ancestors left behind for future generations. The sad part is, at some point all these marvelous things become a burden and sometimes tearfully passed on to others. I like to imagine that the black stroller that sat in a dusty storage room for over a 100 years will now be enjoyed by someone who will take good care of it and and enjoy it.


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