Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Texture Tuesday: Warmth Color Light

This weeks Texture Tuesday photography prompt was warmth.  How has the weather been where you live?  We had our first 90 degree day back in March and the last few days boiled. I am not a hot weather person unless I'm close to a large body of water or a swimming pool.  Since neither were anywhere about this last week I had a hard time getting on board with warmth.

Using Kim Klassen textures, this is my take on warmth after a hot week in May.

 I have to agree with Grenfell.  No matter how you look at it life can be summed up with the three words...

Just think about it...what colors your world?  Where do you find warmth?  What casts light on your life?

 Skip over to Kim's Cafe for inspiring photography that will be warm while full of color and light. Just click below...



  1. Love this! What an awesome background you used there.

    And oh my goodness, I hear you loud and clear about the hot weather. Summers here are horrific and last an eternity. It's that humidity coming off the Gulf that kills me, and it drives me nuts when someone complains about chilly weather. (It's a lot easier to get warm than it is to cool off).

    By the way, I LOVE the name of your blog! (Reminds me of the Jimmy Stewart movie, "The Shop Around The Corner").


  2. Beautifully done, and a lovely quote. :)

  3. Beautiful blossoms! I'm not fond to too much heat either, hope your summer isn't excessively hot.

  4. Love the message. Yup warmth and light for me means family and laughter (and blog friends)!! xo

  5. Beautiful work! Thanks for visiting me and for commenting!

  6. What colors my world: Animals, Nature, Music, GREAT timeless BOOKS, a kind word from a friend. And thank you, my friend, for visiting my garden!

  7. Wow, every time I visit your blog, your photographs get even more gorgeous. I love your beautiful blossoms and your photography. Love what you did with the words too.

  8. Beautiful photo...and words. So true about color, warmth, and light!

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