Thursday, April 12, 2012

Country Musings on a Morning in Spring

Once upon a time in the fertile, flatscape of northwest Ohio there were farms scattered hither and yon.
Where a farm wife planted lilacs from starts her mother gave her while a windmill groaned a breezey melody from high above.
Silly farm foul goose stepped while playing hide-n-seek.  "Can you find me behind the tree?" she squawked with glee.
A donkey, content with the sweet spring grass, peers curious.

Lonely outbuildings and empty silos stand as testament to long-gone stewards of the earth who worked to the rhythms of the seasons weather roulette their game of chance.

  The dust of 100 year old straw filters through the cracks of decay as paint and a way of life fades from view leaving only the sun worshipers with their wings outstretched greeting the morning.

Driving down the back roads of rural areas across the country is both beautiful and sad.  There's something splendid about old barns, the weather, the wear, the strength that harbored creatures great and small. The patina of graying wood, the slivery silver surfaces of fences that no longer corral anything more than tall grass and unloved plants.  Yet, there are stories imagined and real of families and lives lived in these now lovely hollow places.

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  1. What a wonderful post!
    You had me from your very first words. Lovely lyrical prose to accompany your gorgeous photos!
    Love that first photo!
    The turkey vultures on the barn is an awesome shot!

  2. oh...I can smell the fresh air! Lovely captures!

  3. What a lovely place to live! Great post and pics, thank you for sharing them :)

  4. wow, great views. i love the country scenes. (:

  5. Wonderful captures! Love those vultures.

  6. Love those barns and the silo! The vultures on the barn are fantastic! Great shots!

  7. These are beautiful pictures! You had a lovely drive.

  8. What a terrific post! From both your thoughts to your photos. Lovely.

  9. The pics were great but I loved the prose that accompanied them. You paint pictures with your words.

  10. The donkey is my favorite, but these are all so pretty!


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