Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Texture Tuesday

Do you ever wonder what in the world to photograph?  At times I find myself thinking that there's nothing left to photograph...at least not close by.  I dream of walking the streets of great cities and snapping photos with wild abandon.  I long to visit the elegant, yet haunting cemeteries of Europe filled with exquisite statues in poignant poses capturing their essence as this very talented photographer has.  Instead, I searched the house for inspiration.

 A sweet bracelet my mother wore as a girl rests in my jewelry box. Books and a bracelet...how romantic

I found four slim volumes in French with a 1925 copyright.  There's something about the French language that invites romance, even when I have no idea what the actual words say.   

Dreamy fabrics always catch my eye and once upon a time I had a small shop where I concocted delicious potpourris from the leftover petals and leaves of herbs and flowers. Sweet bags were sewn from the brocades and I recently found the box holding the leftover fabrics.  The soft floral background is one  of those brocades.

I added layers of detail via Elements.  A gaussian blur and levels adjustments captured the soft feel I was looking for. Then it was time to layer with textures. I used Solitude by Kristy at Live and Love Out Loud. Kim Klassen's Sweet Treat texture was added twice using soft light mode.

The other two photos also have textures and I used a brush from the French Kiss sampler on the top photo.

I'm linking up with other photographers who are sharing their texture creations at ....



  1. I am with you on the romance of the French language - whether spoken or written...it is full of love, and we can understand love in our hearts....I have an affinity to hearts and vintage jewelry and lace...beautiful...

  2. You have so much talent with the camera, always amazing. Beautiful Teresa!

  3. I wish I had such lovely things in my house to photograph. These are all exquisite.

  4. Gorgeous pictures as always. I love the textures and the writing. So lovely and romantic looking.

  5. I had forgotten about the bracelet but I remember mom showing it to me. Teresa I love your writings and photography and I love you.

  6. You have a rare talent. The way you put photograghs and words together is uniquely yours.

  7. i adore your new header!! gorgeous...and these too, are so beautiful. yes, i feel that way often, as if i could not possibly photograph and blog about another landscape shot or rose just opening or Bella. it's sometimes hard to stay inspired but your work is growing by leaps and bounds. xoxox

  8. Oh what a lovely post and really lovely images.


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