Friday, November 18, 2011


 SOOC on a Frosty Morning

I've been struggling with my gratitude post this week.  Not because I have nothing to be grateful for, but because I have so many blessings that I can't decide which ones to write about. So I'm doing a free thought writing exercise...from head to fingers to blog.

Early in the week I received marvelous news from a friend that the health scare he had a few weeks ago isn't so scary after all because a broken elbow is much easier to mend than a broken heart.  My heart sings for CP and gratitude overflows for both the good news and the friendship we share.

If I had to describe my friend MJ in two words it would be this...loving heart.  She is the most generous, loving person I know.  I thank my lucky stars that we became friends those many years ago and have stood steadfast by each other. 

This morning I took a walk in the yard soaking up the frost, in the air and on the ground.  The yard was lovely, leaves clinging to branches reminded me of the gentle Fall of Freddie the Leaf,

and the little rose that's still budding and blooming spoke of the courage to keep on even when the odds are against you.  For nature's subtle reminders I am grateful. 

Have a lovely day!  


  1. Good news and a great photo. We all have more blessings than we recognize.

    Darryl and Ruth :)

  2. Friends are a treasure and I am glad you had good news. I love the textured picture and the quote. Just beautiful. Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours.

  3. Beautiful. Refined, in fact.
    I like your gratitude series.


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