Thursday, October 27, 2011

Vintage Love at The Green Awning Gallery

I'm a sucker for vintage and antique chachka. From thread wound on wood spools to 300 year old houses, I'm drawn into the story.  Everything on this little planet has a story and though I might not know it or ever hear it, I tend to imagine what came before. 

There's a shop, The Green Awning, owned by Tom and Kathy Short located in Stryker, Ohio.  I've known Tom and Kathy since my kids started kindergarten many moons ago.  I stopped by with camera in hand to photograph the shop that displays vintage niceties, antique and Amish-made furniture, candles, and a room full of mixes, jams and jellies.

If you've a moment, come along and I'll show what caught my eye in The Green Awning Gallery.

This table that drew me in right away...
 Halloween will soon be here,but until the calendar says November 1st, it's still all about jack-o-lanterns, goblins, and witches.

Kathy has created vignettes using like items that tell a story....
 The cream luggage topped with a sweet sheet set reminded me of  my sister going away to college in the '60s.

 I fell in love with this charming stove and would have it in my kitchen, if I lived in the right style of house.

And then there were the colorful dishes....
   What an eclectic mix of colors that add vibrance to the table.

There are so many pretties in the shop with the green awning out front.  The clear glass twinkled among fairy lights...

Kathy and I talked for about an hour as I snapped photos.  I mentioned that I'd love to take some photos of the bicycle in her front yard.  She sugested I not only photograph the bike, but walk around the yard and see how she decorated her back fence. Well...the photos of the bike didn't turn out like I'd hoped, but you have to see the whimsy of her back fence....

Yep, all along her fence on both sides are antique and vintage plates and platters; cracked, chipped, and still used for decorationg because each one is lovely. 

   The sweet cluster of flowers in the center of creamy white and the soft green edge of the plate against the fence called out,  "Take a picture of me!" So I did!

The Green Awning Gallery in Stryker is a great place to visit.  The prices are more than reasonable, the proprietors, Kathy and Tom, engaging, and there's so much to see.  I'm planning to go back for the Christmas Open House, November 10th and yes, I'll have my camera with me. 

The Green Awning Gallery
106 Defiance Street
Stryker,Ohio  43557
(419) 682-7432
Owners: Tom & Kathy Short

Across the street from the Green Awning Gallery stands a brick house that I've pined over for 30 years.  I imagined creating an herb and flower shop  inside and gardens outside.  The house is empty now, needs lots of repair, but oh how I'd love to put out my shingle and welcome visitors to the door...

Just one more.  The window above the door is framed in wrought iron and adds more character to the house.
Oh to dream....


  1. This is a pure treasure trove of delight. I dreamed, too!
    Best wishes to them and much success!

  2. Thank you aguja! You're so's a treasure of delight.

  3. What great treasures. I love browsing in these shops. Your textured photographs are beauties.

  4. Hi Lona...There's always so much to look at in shops like the Green Awning Gallery. I ended up purchasing only a few cards of old buttons. I'm such a big spender! lol Thanks for the comment!

  5. I would love to browse would take me quite some time! Lovely pics!

  6. Oh yes, such a beautiful shop! Just the kind of place I'd like to wander through. I noticed you said you were having trouble commenting on my blog, but all three posts came through just fine so don't worry!

  7. Lovely shop. And the house with the lovely porch is beautiful, what a pity it is empty - do you think it will stay that way?

  8. Whoa! That is an awesome collection of vintage and antique stuff. It feels like I'm traveling through time when I look at all the pictures. So cool!

    Cedrick Finly

  9. Just did a google search for GWG in Stryker and found your blog. I'm from NW Ohio and assume you are too. I am heading to Styker today as my Daughter has a BB game in Montpilier. Thanks for the review of the Gallery, can't wait to see it in person.
    Leigh Ann

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  11. The Green Awning Gallery is a great place to check out. There's just so much to look at and take in, so be sure to give yourself an hour to browse the store. If you're not sure if this store is for you yet, then check out their website where they have over 50 photos for you to look through.

    1. Sorry, I posted the link incorrectly. Hopefully this will link! The Green Awning Gallery

  12. I think the house belonged to someone in my family - Planson's. At least that is what my mother used to tell me. My mother was Charlotte Planson Fry. Her parents were Alice Peugeot Planson and Fred Planson. Geri Moulton (


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