Monday, December 6, 2010

We are Sisters

"Sisters are the different flowers from the same garden."
~ Anonymous
When a sister is in trouble, sad, or in need a silken cocoon of love and attention is woven about her by her other sisters.  One call and I hurried to the side of one of my sisters.  After 48 hours of staying as close as humanly possible, I came home and began pondering what it is to have a sister and be a sister.  I'm a fortunate woman because I have two, both older, who have each in their turn guided me through the growing-up years.  Over the weekend I thought about how, like three flowers grown in the same earth, watered from the same heavens, and tended by the same gardeners, we can be so very different in color, form, and texture.    

The flower that I think most represents my oldest sister B is the  flamboyant, joyful sunflower...
 B faces the sun with a joyful heart that simply amazes me.  She finds the good where I often fail to.  Her bold spirit slayed the dragons that first borns must, making the path a little less blocked for those following close behind.  Like the sunflower, she makes no apologies for her choices, but follows her heart's content.  

My middle sister reminds me of a soft pink rose...
  Like a rose, N is delicate. At times I want her to unfurl her tight center and open herself to the endless possibilities of life.  Her spirit, too gentle for the world, concerns me that without just the right sunlight warming her face and just enough water to keep her roots happy, she'll fade.  Yet, when she blooms she is striking in her beauty.

And what of me?
 This one took some pondering because we don't always see ourselves the way others do.  I decided I was most like a morning glory.  I like to climb and explore.  I like to try new things, experience new places, and find my bliss on out of the way stops.  Somewhat traditional, my roots lie near the surface in Ohio soil, but given the opportunity I wander gladly.  Opening to morning light, but closing at the first sign of clouds is very much a part of who I am.

Yes, we are sisters.  We play together whenever we can.  We share long distance phone calls pouring out our souls to one another.  We're the first to celebrate each other's victories and the first to embrace the sorrow of disappointment.  We laugh and cry with each other, if not in person, in spirit. 

"We are sisters.  We will always be sisters. 
Our differences may never go away, but neither for me, will our song."
~ Elizabeth Fishel


  1. Dear Teresa, What an enchanting posting. I am sure that your likeness to a Morning Glory would be most apt and how wonderful to have the sisterly love that you all clearly enjoy.

  2. this is such a lovely tribute to your sweet sisters and you are very should print this and give them each a copy for the holidays. it's beautiful. xoxo

  3. You B & N are most fortunate to share the same garden! You all create a perfectly beautiful bouquet together too! It's fortunate that you could be there for your sister recently!


  4. Really touching. So true about being so different although growing in the same garden with the same tender care. I will have to ponder about what kind of flowers my sis and I are. I love this post.

    Concerning our matchmaking efforts here with Clyde and Plain Jane: Jane says she would appreciate a letter of introduction from Clyde. She wants to do this in a proper manner.( I say beggars can't be choosers. but she insists!) He can send correspondence to: Plain Jane Black. Number 1/ Lonely Hearts Lane, Hopalong Hollow.

  5. What a great post! Now you've got me daydreaming about what flowers best represent my sister and me. Your morning glory image is exquisite with the text overlay. Very artistic. :)

  6. Edith...figuring out which flower I was more like was the hardest part. Like so many, I dwell long on the negative aspects of me.

    Linda...What a wonderful idea! I'm going to do just that. Hope you're having a feel good day.

    Constance...Yes, I too am glad I could be there for her. A bouquet of sisters, that would have made a wonderful title.

    Jeri...thank you for stopping the Cottage. Let me know what flower you decide your sister is most like and don't forget you.

    I will relay the message to Clyde. I'm sure he'll eagerly pen a most proper missive to the very proper Plain Jane. BTW...his full name is Clyde Cluckcluck, a most proud rooster that takes his job quite seriously as the farm alarm clock.

    Meredith...thank you for the kind compliment. While I often use the lovely textures of Kim Klassen, this one was a scan of an inexpensive scrapbook paper that makes an expressive overlay or texture for photography. Please let me know what flowers best represent your sister and you.

  7. I, too, have two sisters and treasure my relationship with them. I'm the oldest. Our mother died when I was 18 and my youngest sister was 13. We have mothered each other through the years - through weddings and babies and family tragedies. This is a lovely post and has mean pondering what flowers my two sisters are most like.

  8. Ginny...thank you for stopping by the Cottage on the Corner. What a sad and yet lovely story of you. Sisters have a bond like no other and I do hope you'll return to share your ponderings of what flowers your two sisters are most like.

  9. Your post is most endearing. Aren't sisters wonderful? And how lovely to describe them as a flower. Your overlays add a special touch.

  10. Meredehuit...what a fascinating name. Thank you for your kind thoughts regarding my post. I truly appreciate you stopping by.

  11. This would make a good meme, but I'll have to come back later. Would need to choose 4 flowers ...

  12. Hello Diana...I've not been over to visit in quite some time, but I so appreciate you visiting me. You have three sisters? It must be such fun when everyone gets together. A meme, eh? I wonder if there's a world-wide sister's day. Something to ponder after the holidays. : )

  13. Slow and steady, ends the race. Working on this for tomorrow's post. And will then link back to yours.


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