Friday, December 31, 2010

   Isn't it amazing how one thing leads to the next?  From a February post, Pink Flowers or Undies, I came up with the idea to buy flowers for $5 and photograph them.  What fun I had and this winter I'll continue searching for inexpensive flowers to add cheerful beauty to life and photograph the posies every which way.

I traveled about Ohio...a few days in Cleveland...

A July weekend in Toledo...

Wandering the backroads...

There were sunsets...
And sunflowers....

A new garden after many years...

And Cookies

Oh no...everything wasn't always lemony sunshine...

A broken arm
Grieving a lost pet

Still light shone...


And below

Everywhere there was beauty...

And out...

2010 was a good year of memories made with family and friends. There were ups, downs, and lessons learned.  There were times of confusion, but the celebrations outweighed the frustration.  And's time to tuck this year away and welcome in a new one, fresh and clean awaiting pens, paper, the camera lens, words, and the imagination creating life one day at a time.  

I'll catch a fairy in my hand and make a wish before releasing her to the winds of fate...

 My wish is for each of you to gather in all the joys that await you in life...
I wish you laughter with family and friends, old and new
I wish you success in leading a life of bliss
I wish you prosperity
May you always find a a loaf of bread and a glass of wine at your table
I hope nature, from the lowliest insect to the highest mountain, thrills you
May you find beauty in simplicity and enough imagination for the complex
I wish that love would kiss each of you on the cheek everyday
Together, I hope we strive for peace and remember the dark shadowy corners of the world  


  1. What a wonderful year's recollections, so vividly captured and aptly captioned. I so enjoyed reminiscing along with you.

    And for the beautiful wishes and sentiments that I hope will ring true for each of us - thank you .... and remembering the dark corners is so much a part of our purpose in life.

    Peace, joy and many blessings for this new year.

  2. What a beautiful post. I've only just found your blog and I'm looking forward to seeing your photo collection for 2011!

    Happy New Year to you.

  3. A very event filled year in the garden and out of it. When we start listing all of the things that occurs in a year it often surprises us at how filled it was with good things and bad.
    I wish you a very wonderful and blessed year to come.

  4. such a gorgeous post, in all ways...thank you, teresa, for gracing my life with your beautiful ways, your lovely photos, your compelling words...may your year be filled with all things you desire, with just enough complexity to keep you searching for answers to life's deepest questions....xoxo

    with lots of beautiful pictures in store
    to look forward to!

  6. I have always said that you can find beauty in all the simple things around us and you have just proven it! Wonderful photos of everyday things. Here is wishing you the best in 2011!

  7. Thanks for the wonderful year in review. Happy and prosperous 2011!!

  8. Beautiful post Theresa O! Thank you!
    Wishing you everything you wish for yourself in


  9. Gorgeous! Love the flowers and pretty images. xo style, she wrote


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