Friday, November 12, 2010

Some Kinda Wonderful

I can't wait for the weekend to begin.  Tomorrow my dear friend, MJ is coming for a visit.  My daughter's friend from Dayton will arrive in the afternoon and we're all going to make holiday wreaths from fresh greens.  We did this last year and had such fun we just had to do a repeat.

We can't JUST create...oh no we're also planning to take in one or two local Christmas shops.  If there's time Special Ocassions in Bryan is filled with wonderful gifts and more ways to say it's the holidays than Santa has elves.

Another shop on my list of places to go is the East Mulberry Gift Cottage also in Bryan.  It conjures up visions of the past with vintage goodies. I wish the shops had websites to share, but alas they don't at this time.  I'm hoping the proprietors will allow me to snap a few photos to post.

We must stop by the Candy Cane Christmas Shop outside of Archbold.  The store is located in a defunct elementary school and filled to the rafters with everything needed to create the Christmas decor of your dreams.  The shop also carries charming toys not found in big box stores.     

Dinner and wine at Stella Blues, one of the swankiest restaurants in nw Ohio, is the plan for Saturday evening.

I'm brimming over with smiles and anticipation.  This is gonna be some kind of wonderful weekend!   
"A good friend is a connection to life -
 a tie to the past,
a road to the future,
the key to sanity in a totally insane world."   
                                                                           ~ Lois Wyse

Wishing you a wonderful weekend, too! 


  1. how fun for you and friends....i am not ready yet to stare the reality in the face.xo

  2. What fun you'll have, I can just hear your joy bubbling over! Enjoy this special time with your friends.

  3. The Candy Cane Xmas shop sounds like a dangerous place for my wallet to be (lol) !

  4. Dear Linda...I hope the bug takes a hike and leaves you feeling ready to face the world. Thank you for stopping by.

    Hi Robin...I've been looking forward to this party day for quite some time and I will be loads of fun! Have a wonderful day! and me both! I'm thinking taking only a bit of cash alleviating the temptation. Thanks for stopping by!

  5. Dear Teresa, I hope your weekend is progressing with much joy and laughter. It sounds wonderful. :)

  6. Hope you are having a great weekend...happy World Kindness Day. one love.

  7. Dear Teresa, I do hope that you are having fun. I shall await reports of your adventures!!


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