Thursday, November 4, 2010

Honey, I'm Hooome!!!

Hello Friends!

Ohhh how good it feels to be back in the cottage.  I see the cobwebs have gathered and there's some sprucing up to do and I'm getting right on that.  In a few days I'll have my little corner of the blogosphere looking good again.

Being laid-low by a tiny nerve for nearly a month provided ample time to think while lying in only one comfortable position on the sofa. I have no desire to go into great detail how pain consumed my life these past weeks, so I’ll keep it short…those meandering muscles in the upper right quadrant of my back radiated pain across my shoulder, squeezing the pectoral muscles, then snaked down my right arm clear to my tingling index finger. The numbers three and four became my obsession…three Tylenol every four hours. Some days I bemoaned the fact that I was missing colorful autumn as my camera gathered dust and my fingers idled. Oh, there were the tearful, poor me days followed by a bull-headed attitude that I’d just go ahead and try to do the things I’ve always done. In between frustration and attempts at being the little train that could, I pondered life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness as the TV spewed political ads filled with the ugly side of life, the world series came and went, Halloween marched forward dressed in black and orange and I missed Blog Action day with the focus of the world and water. I had such plans for that post…sigh. As the pain continues to diminish and the stiff, ache quiets, I’m slowly returning to me and all the things that enchant me including The Cottage on the Corner and the amazing blogs that inspire and delight me.

During my absence stats have appeared on the Cottage. I had no idea…

I’m switching things up and going with my current flow of increasing energy and optimism. I can’t wait to hear from you, read what you’ve been up to and leave a comment or two along the way.

Tapping the heels of my warm, wooly socked feet I whisper, "There's no place like The Cottage..."


  1. Teresa,
    Glad to see you:)
    Your cottage blog home looks and feels beautiful. The energy is so good here.

    May all the muscles in your body relax and you physically enjoy ease and grace on an ongoing basis.

    I love the sara ban breathnach quote!

  2. Nice to have you back, too!
    I am sorry for all the pain, it sounds just horrible. So good to hear your energy and hope are on the rise!


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