Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Eclectic Views

Flowers for Five
Last winter I purchased flowers for five dollars and snapped hundreds of photos satisfying my penchant for the view through the lens.  These golden lovlies created a Thanksgiving tablescape along with glass cubes, filled with cranberries and water for five plus two. Oh what can do be done for a couple bucks. 

Textrued Holiday Spices
I used one of Kim Klassen's textures to add some vintage wear & tear to this photo.  I admit it...I love baking, the smell of whole spices, especially freshly grated nutmeg.  Kim Klassen Cafe is amazing and if you like textures you'll find lots of love there.

Oh the lovely, fruity ways to use cranberries...
As sauce, in a relish, chutney, salad, string on thread for a garland, inside glass jars, on wreaths, in arangements, the smile of a snowman, to photograph.

120 Gallery   Bryan, Ohio
Dear Santa,
We stood waiting outside Kathy Fundersburg's art gallery in Bryan, Ohio, while waiting for Santa's arrival last Friday night.  Oh what wonders to behold within the walls.  Visions of pastel painted fairies, just like the ones we looked at, dance in my head.  Just thought you'd like to know.  
                                                                                                Teresa O



  1. Great photos of Kathy's gallery!
    Did you see Santa too?
    Can't wait to meet the Fairies that jump out of your imagination!


  2. gorgeous photos!!! love the one with the texture.

    hoping you are having the best of days. one love.

  3. Dear Teresa, My favorite cranberry dish is apple and cranberry crumble. Your picture had my mouth watering! Pam x

  4. Constance...We did see Santa come to town on a sleigh pulled by two beautiful Belgian horses. I've been wanting to make a fairy, but I have no idea where to begin. The Gallery had three paintings of the most charming fairies.

    Se'lah...Thank you for visiting. The texture used for the spicy photo gives it more character.

    Pam...It's so good to see you. My family's favorite cranberry dish has apples, celery, and walnuts in it...yummmmm!

  5. Dear Teresa, What gift wrapped delights you show us here. This was just like opening a stocking on Christmas morning!!. I love your new header image and am amazed at how you have combined text with the images...so cleverly done. So many images here could make the most perfect Christmas cards...especially the glossy cranberries.

  6. Oh Edith Hope... you always make me smile with your words. Thank you for the compliments and actually, it's not all that hard to make fun headers with all kinds of bells and whistles.

    Have a grand day!

  7. more loveliness...did you see that periwinkle on the window frame of the gallery framing the works inside-lovely lovely, everything lovely...


  8. You have quite a talent behind the camera.


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